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  1. 12 minutes ago, conqueror said:

    received a reply back which has has made me more confused about sizing. hoping @volvo240thebest and others can potentially help.

    i currently wear a size 3 in orslow 107s which are great, but i want something with a slightly wider thigh. i thought a 34 in the 60s would be okay, but ryo suggested a 36. somewhat apprehensive about that as i've never been a 36 in anything: samurai, eternal, momotaro, whatever.

    orslow 107s size 3 approx:

    waist: 85cm (this is after stretch, too)
    thigh: 28.5cm
    rise: 29cm

    tcb 60s size 34 approx:

    waist: 84cm
    thigh: 32.5cm
    rise: 26.5cm

    tcb 60s size 36 approx:

    waist: 89cm
    thigh: 34cm
    rise: 27cm

    am i missing something...? i'm 186cm/82kg if it makes a difference. i could look at the 50s instead, but i think the leg opening will be too big for my tastes.

    Never wore orslow jeans but fwiw I find tcb 60s jeans run a slightly small

  2. 5 hours ago, darkstar73 said:

    @volvo240thebest okay that’s good to note, i’m just nervous because i lost weight so it’s tough to choose a size. my size 32 50s are pretty big on me, i could easily be a 31 or maybe even 30, so that’s why i’m confused on what i want to go with, maybe i’ll go 31 in the 60s 

    If it were me I’d buy the 31 and wear a belt if needed. I’d rather be slightly big than too small

  3. 1 hour ago, Collin said:

    If I remember right I would have taken 1 size up on the 60 compared to 50. Volvo wears both pair in the same size. Better too big than too small as belts are life saving tools. Only you can know if the lower rise will bother you.

    My 60s are a size up from my 50s and I’m glad I sized up one. The waist of the 32 in the 60s felt very similar to waist of the 31 in the 50s to me. 

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