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  1. 125,000 is not gonna get a place comfortable enough for a dog that size in the city. I'd look at finding a bigger place in Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitama and commuting. Does your company offer any relocation assistance?

    Looking for a place without physically being in Japan is a bit difficult due to the lease process since you need a Guarantor, or else paying quite a bit to a guarantor company. Do you have Japanese language ability? That will help the process quite a bit.

    I live in Sendai as a single foreigner, and I've never paid key money or a deposit, but I work for the municipal government and the mayor signs on as my guarantor. If you can get your company president (and it's a large company), that can help rental negotiations immensely.

  2. I bought the hooded/belted linen parka from this season after waffling for like a month. A bit pricy at Japanese retail, but I looked around for something I wanted more in a spring coat and simply couldn't find it. Very happy with it. . actually been wearing it over my suit instead of my trench to work lately, or with the sleeves rolled up over a tank on the weekends when its a bit warmer

  3. If you had a smartphone you could just tether 3G and work at cafes, but you shouldn't really sit there for more than 2 hrs.

    Yeah, this is what I do

    Tether my iPhone and chill for a couple hours, by the time the battery starts draining it's time to leave anyways

    Gonna be attempting to do some domestic travel during Golden Week! I usually make it a point to leave the country, but want to see some friends. Already have everything booked, but how bad are things like Disney or USJ during this time?

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