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  1. The only other type of job i can think of is IT. there's a lot of "app" / tech ventures that hire foreigners.


    most of these pay so unbelievably low it boggles my mind unless they're one of the five or so in the country that is well-funded. I've tested the waters with some tech startups / app development houses and will tell them my salary / vacation requirements in the first 10 minutes so I don't waste anyone's time. 90% of the time I coulda made more working the night shift at a combini. 

  2. I'm using a Patagonia softshell right now on days when the weather is terrible (something like this: http://www.patagonia.com/us/product/mens-all-free-jacket?p=83020-0&pcc=1128). Keeps me warm and dry in light rain, not crinkly and with a bit of weight to it - don't like Gore-Tex. I'd love something like the Apsis above in a similar fabric. Had a Paul Harnden ventile cotton mac, but once it got wet, it took forever to dry, whereas the Patagonia is dry 30 minutes after getting to work.

  3. Hey techwear dudes, has there ever been a good looking thigh-length water-resistant softshell jacket? I don't want/need a full-on hardshell, just something that will keep me warm and dry on the way to the train station

  4. Too many black leather jackets!


    $950 $900 $850 including EMS shipping from Japan and all PayPal fees

    Firm price, no trades please


    Purchased (not by me) from Aoyama RO store in Tokyo, worn ~15 times by previous owner, twice by me. In very good condition, slight wear on the leather but nothing major to report. 


    Smooth and slightly shiny lambskin in a medium weight good for transitional seasons. 


    Tagged size 48, fits like an old Rick small - 44-46, depending on build and how much you want to layer. It's also a bit more cropped than other Rick jackets, best for anyone my height (179cm) or under.


    42cm shoulders

    48cm pit to pit

    61cm length (from base of back of collar to bottom hem)


    Feel free to ask any questions








    Fit pic, 179cm, around 65kg



  5. Actually stopped by there today, good location and big sunny windows, but the coffee was just decent. I had their "steampunk," which I guess is like an aeropress, which I'm not a huge fan of to begin with, but was a really muted, thin tasting cup. Served in a cute double-walled glass, though, which the clientele of 30-year-old housewives seemed to like. A bit disorganized, might be better in a couple months when they pull it together a bit


    The Pool is alright, better as a concept than an actual store - branded toilet paper probably the best buy. Worth stopping by if you've never seen anyone selling $200 hoodies out of an empty pool

  6. Tabelog skews way too heavily towards expensive french, sushi, and kaiseki places. I'm sure it's a somewhat decent survey of those kind of restaurants, but there's no representation of good mid-range places or any B-kyu stuff. Maybe if you're dropping 2man a head on dinner you feel obligated to justify your expense by leaving a good review on Tabelog, but it'd be nice to see some more interesting choices anywhere in the top 100. The best lunch category has a lot more variety.

  7. Whoaaa, huuuge thanks for the list. Already crossed off a few of these - had mediocre brunch at Jiyugaoka Bake Shop, bought housewares at Today's Special, tried unsuccessfully on two occasions to make reservations at El Pescador (damn busy on weekends), and peeped the trophy wives at at Futako (OK, well, that's everyday..). Will add the rest to my to-do list, certainly have the free time. Again, thanks a ton.


    Let me know if you make it back to area, would be more than happy to buy you a drink. I'll be here for the next, uh, three years.


    edit: By the way, last time I was in Jiyugaoka some dude had an overweight meerkat on a leash wearing a dirty happi coat - lovely neighborhood, lovely. http://instagram.com/p/fcCpjfPe0r/

  8. Again, thanks for the tips. Any Jiyugaoka recs? I'm at Futako Tamagawa, been skipping over Jiyugaoka and heading straight to Daikanyama lately, though. Tabelog is great for food, but seems so hit or miss with casual cafes - too many times the place is just packed with gossipy housewives or so crowded I feel guilty taking up a table.


    Lots of steezy couples rolling through w/ their pets on the weekends. 

    My favorite part of cruising by T-Site right here - there's a dude with two huge borzois (is that the correct plural or borzoi??) chilling there almost every weekend just showing off his gigantic, beautiful dogs. 

  9. Thanks for the advice - will check out all those places in the near future. Been meaning to visit T-Site on a weekday too, that place is a zoo on weekends. 


    And yeah, I have a phone with tethering and access to SoftBank spots, just figure if a place has WiFi they'd be cooler with me sitting for a couple hours

  10. Working from home for the next 9 months, going stir-crazy in the house while my wife is at work. 

    Anyone have any favorite cafes on west side of Tokyo with good wifi and good coffee where I can camp our for a couple hours and get work done? Getting sick of the Starbucks by my station. Streamer Coffee in Shibuya and Brooklyn Parlor in Shinjuku are both nice, looking for more like that - someplace where I can work without feeling like I'm in the way.

  11. Back in the States for the holidays and selling some new and old stuff. Please note that prices will only be valid until Jan. 29th when I leave the country.
    All prices include domestic US shipping via Priority Mail and all associated PayPal fees. Please add an extra $25 for international shipping.
    A1923 jacket - $1250
    Beautiful A1923 jacket form FW12 in a soft, thick wool blend. Marked as a size 48, this fits much closer to a true size 46. Elongated arms, can be rolled up if they're a bit too much. Fully lined in black cotton.
    Purchased from an SZ user but I purchased a very similar item before it even arrived in the mail, so I'm selling unused by me. Original seller described condition at 9/10 - slight pilling in some areas (collar, arms) that is unfortunately a nature of the fabric, but otherwise great condition. My asking price is what I paid for the jacket.
    Shoulders: 42cm
    Chest: 49cm
    Length: 70cm
    Sleeves (measured from armpit to cuff along seam, not sure if that's the correct way to do this): 61cm
    For reference, I'm 5'11", 150 pounds, shorter arms.
    Robert Geller hoody - $125
    Geller hoody from I believe FW08 similar to Cloak designs. Thick jersey cotton and solid construction. Slightly elongated body and slim sleeves. Marked size 44, slightly oversized, so fits a 46 perfectly.
    Has been fairly well-worn with slight fading of color in the body but no major damage. The zipper sticks sometimes, but it did that brand new as well...
    Shoulder: 44cm
    Chest: 48cm
    Length: 66cm
    Cloak sweater - SOLD THANK YOU
    Older Cloak sweater (season unknown) in a deep forest green. 100% wool, unfortunately made in China, but still up to Cloak standards of quality. Marked as a size S, fits true but with very fitted sleeves - best for dudes with skinny arms. 
    Only worn a couple times, almost no visible wear.
    Shoulders: Raglan
    Chest: 47cm
    Length: 65cm


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