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  1. Needs no introduction, quite iconic piece from Julius. Purchased for my girlfriend, she doesn't want it, and unfortunately slightly too small for me.

    This season / piece ran very small, so this is best suited for a slim 44. I'm a 46, and I could wear it unzipped with a t-shirt underneath, but didn't want to stretch it out - if someone my size were so inclined, I'm willing to bet they could stretch it a bit in the chest and shoulders to make it fit better.

    Measurements are tricky, it has raglan sleeves and the jacket isn't meant to be worn fully zipped. Zipped up, the pit to pit is roughly 17 inches, but in actuality it fits closer to 18.5 inches. Length from bottom of back collar to base is 23 inches. Refer to my fit pic, I'm about 5'10.5" and 145 pounds with narrow shoulders.

    The item has never been worn outside the house, however, there is a tear in the back of the jacket that has been professionally repaired. It's about 1.5 inches long, and tore when my girlfriend unpacked it with a knife. Good job. Please see photos for close-up of the repair. It's not noticeable when worn, especially given the intensely distressed nature of the jacket, but please keep this in mind when you purchase.

    Sorry, I don't have original tags or hanger, they were lost when I moved.

    Asking $1400 shipped worldwide with tracking

    Please feel free to ask any questions









  2. This is what it looks like waiting in line for the bathroom at trader joes. I'll bet you all wanted to know that


    The highlight of everday - going in trader joes, not buying a single thing, and taking a couple samples and a coffee


    I had to pick up my paycheck, so I took some pictures of my school, looks beautiful in the rain. Here's the graduate library


    The quad


    And the dorm I lived for a year during undergrad


    The walk home..


    I always get the best advice from the sidewalk.


    These sodas are like 25 cents with this coupon, so I've been drinking one a day.


  3. Yeah, I'm sorry I haven't been updating. I've been sick and busy, and it's been raining outside. I've just been wearing them 3-4 hours a day to run errands after getting work done. I promise more interesting things are in store!!

    Nevertheless, here's some uneventful pictures!

    Playing Xbox, Red Dead Redemption. I tried to make this authentic by actually playing the game while waiting for the timer, and ran my horse off a cliff while taking this shot because I wasn't paying attention.


    Getting ready to make a five egg omelette, one of which ended up on the jeans. Yeah, I think these are about ready for a soak after Sasquatch


    This dog had absolutely no interest in green denim. Pity him


    WAYWT: Patagonia, Uniqlo


    N&F (duh), Adidas


    Hey, splashing in a puddle for the internet, this seems like a good idea...


    ...oh wait, my socks are soaking wet


  4. Yeah, nationals pretty good, gonna catch them at sasquatch hopefully coming up soooon

    Holler if you see the green jeans at Sasquatch, because they'll be there (highly suggesting the next person give them a wash!!)

  5. So today was kind of a bust, was supposed to meet my friend but she ditched me for something, so I decided to relax by myself.

    Sorry for the phone pictures, forgot to charge my camera. Also explains the lack of pictures of the jeans themselves:

    Woke up this morning to a custom tote-bag with an image from the movie Chungking Express, one of my favorite movies, in the mail. Free with ~$4 shipping, ordered when I was bored last week, haha. Using it for groceries, now http://www.vistaprint.com/about/thinking-green.aspx?GP=5%2f15%2f2010+8%3a00%3a52+PM


    After breakfast I walked down to the UW Streetfair by myself. It was pretty underwhelming, like every year, because it's basically like five blocks of corporate booths, and the free samples this year were underwhelming. Wait for pictures of the main event, The Fremont Solstice Parade, in a month (hint: it involves topless chicks, bodypaint, and bicycles)


    The crowd is an interesting mix of hungover sorority girls who wandered over due to the commotion, asians, and hippies/homeless, which is pretty much the University District on any given day. Except this dude, who defies categorization:


    Pretty sure this dude was a character in Watchmen. Maybe


    Alright, the only good booth at the fair is this one for bread. $6.50 a loaf, you gotta be joking, right? This bread is amazing, no added sugar/corn syrup, 100% whole wheat, and founded by an ex-con/drug addict who went clean and started a bakery. Last year at this very fair I found this bread, and I've been buying a loaf a week ever since.


    Afterwards, grabbed some salmon burgers (which are buy one get one free at Whole Foods right now) and bought a watermelon..


    And had a picnic on my deck while studying Japanese. Took a job working for the city of Kobe in the International Affairs division, I leave in July, and my formal Japanese is so rusty.


    Stopped off at starbucks afterwards and got a 1/2 price Frappucino for their happy hour (last day is tomorrow). I've never had one before, but it's not bad. Got a green tea one with half sweetener and six scoops of matcha instead of two.


    The National is having a live show streaming like RIGHT NOW (was posting this while waiting for it to start), if anyone wants to watch, they're fantastic live, highly advise you check it out if you're online right now!


  6. Am I even allowed to post in the summer, or should I just say "fuck it, see ya'll in fall?" I just stop caring when it's nice out, swapped out the jeans and trainers for Adidas track pants and $2 flip-flops at like noon


  7. i want a stalker to take my waywts

    I like to imagine dude set like a two minute timer and RUSHED down the stairs and proceeded to pose as nonchalant as possible



    Robert Geller

    Number Nine

    Lad Musician

    N. Hoolywood Chuck Taylor lowtops not visible

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