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  1. HEY GUYS:
    I want to buy a PBJ XX-012 Contest pair (or normal) with preferably less than a month of wear, size 32 with minimum 31'' length. Will give good price. PM me

  2. Who knows of the most dumbed down plain simple bill fold around? Looking for something slightly more complicated than two flaps of leather stitched together (because I have one of those and keep dropping bills out)


    Edit: nvmd just picked up a tanner goods bitty

  3. okay so hey wassup guys i just turned 22 and like ive been talking to this lady thats like 10 years older than me and i met her when i was in chicago and like...damn she is fine and got it all in the package. i messed around her with her but i didnt have sex. just foreplay stuff. im considering dating her. she doesnt look her age though. i feel like im gonna get alot of shit for the age gap though


    I've been in your position, but opposite as the older one. Shes had ten more years in this world than you, which is nearly 50% longer. Its probably fun but not serious for her. Your lack of life experience and differing focus in what you want out of life will eventually get old for her and you. Expect it... but enjoy the secks while you can

  4. great publication regarding happiness. peer reviewed summarizing hundreds of studies:


    If money doesn't make you happy, then you probably aren't spending it right.

    Specifically, we suggest that consumers should (1) buy more experiences and fewer material goods; (2) use their money to benefit others rather than themselves (3) buy many small pleasures rather than fewer large ones; (4) eschew extended warranties and other forms of overpriced insurance; (5) delay consumption; (6) consider how peripheral features of their purchases may affect their day-to-day lives; (7) beware of comparison shopping; and (8) pay close attention to the happiness of others

  5. Just realized every girl I've been serious with has been diagnosed with some type of mental health disorder.

    hits home. I'm maybe 3 for 5 that had bonafide mental health issues. meds/therapy the whole shebang. wonder why..?

  6. HBO has been showing a new documentary called "The Weight of the Nation" which discusses some of the stuff above.

    Def worth checking out.


    this documentary has been getting a TON of press..will definitely have to watch. was worried that there would be no way i could watch for free, but surprise surprise it looks like I can.

  7. she could probably gain some weight or do any other number of things to maybe look less like a 17 year old.

    that is her lot in life, to look like a 17 year old. she would have to be a fool to throw that away. she is a symbol of immortality, forever youthful. shes the closest us humans have to an elixir of life. she may not "feel" like a 17 year old, especially after entering motherhood, but she will always "be" 17 years old.

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