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  1. i went back to the shop and had a closer look they seem realy nice but it seems there made in china because there made of d86 denim

    no crash they wernt the2101's but he dose have a pair deadstock at home along with a few 2501's ive tried to buy but he just wont sell (sad face)

  2. did old evisu that were made in japan allways have made in japan on the indide lable ? the reason im asking is that my friend owns a small denim shop in town and they stocked evisu years ago , he found an old pair of evisus in a box in the stock roon , there plain pocket plain leather patch and have diagonal bartack pockets they also have the cowboy button . i realy want to know if they were made in japan .

    (couldnt get pics but any help would be great )

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