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  1. title says it all,

    basically brand new, never work. kind of wrinkled after being stuffed in a closet though :)

    no photos yet but everybody can google "Slim Jim Organic Dry"

    I've sold lots of stuff here & on ebayyyzzz

    70$ shipppped

    :( i'm not fat jus sellin for a friendddd

  2. i toughed it out, couldn't move but i think i could get them up all the way (no button though). i slept in them for 2 days and i think i could button them. if you can't get your thighs in now, size one up. even if it's super tight, it'll stretch out to a more comfortable fit

  3. the waist on pbjs definitely stretch. material is stretchy meaning you'll really be in for repairs quickly. thighs stretch a little less than the waist I think. mine stretched a few inches in the waist and maybe 2 in the thighs. I recommend the sling and stones just for a more comfortable fit.

    nice sixteens isabelle !! is it just the angle or are those back pockets super huge

  4. are you serious about girl talk? i think everybody and their mothers have heard of him.

    and the baby pigeons thing is from that movie Going the Distance (had the guy from Sunny in it though :x <3)

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