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  1. eat a box of cheez-its for lunch and suddenly eeeeeeeeveeeeeeryone in the office has an opinion

  2. there was a shooting outside my office this morning CRAZY

  3. anyone else seein odesza 2nite at 1015?

  4. someone is buying an iphone 5s

  5. the fault in our stars is a horrible movie

  6. thought people were being rly smiley and nice 2 me today but its prob just bc my sweater has been inside out this whole time..

  7. my photographer friends - is there anybody free this Sunday that would be interested in doing photography for my a friend's graduation party at a restaurant in Sunnyvale? paid gig, message me for info! or if you know him, reach out to Rishabh (it's for his brother!)

  8. think I need sum gore-tex glasses

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    2. rafsemens


      fancy seeing u 2 here ;)

    3. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      rafsemens r u the same rafsemens on tumblr

    4. crissyw


      whitney <3 <3

  9. #sfgamenight tonight~ ^_^

    1. brother teresa
    2. rafsemens


      i reported u for this status have a nice day~

  10. can I just call in gay to work tomorrow? :(

    1. realnetw0rth


      i reported u for this status have a nice day~

    2. brother teresa
  11. happy WWI anniversary, y'all. a moment of silence for Franz Ferdinand, the man who inadvertently threw the US into the Roaring 20s.

    1. wahwho11


      I say don't you know

      You say you don't know

      I say... take me out!

    2. brother teresa
    3. I told a mod to fuck off

      I told a mod to fuck off

      frank ferninand sucks, they are way too mainstream

  12. "OK Google, call me a car!" "Hi Car, nice to meet you! I'm Google Now"

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    2. llobey


      h8d how do i get ur hair~

    3. fads


      Hello. Received your Crassy booking request. Mi llamo Jorge Mendes.Have the nice day

    4. crissyw
  13. happy tuesday! come hang out with me at #sfgamenight at folsom street foundry!

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    2. crissyw
    3. realnetw0rth


      Ya Crissy do u wanna go to folsom st fair together? :-)

    4. crissyw
  14. Daniel Kim: What is an Oedipus complex?WTF

  15. not sure why I'm here

  16. new Apple features have been stock on Cyanogenmod since -forever- GRAPHS ARE ALSO EXTREMELY MISLEADING

  17. looking for EDC tickets plz lmk~ TY

  18. kid asks if I know where the academy of art is, looks disappointed when I say no, and says 'sry i thought u were an art student..'

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    2. whitney


      shoulda asked him which one cos there's like nine of them, then let him know he's better off at AI

    3. crissyw



    4. brother teresa
  19. do i kno anyone with the Visvim E-Cat 18L

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