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  1. On 8/19/2020 at 8:58 PM, julian-wolf said:

    How's sizing on White's? Looking at their 353CH hiker, in particular. I wear a 10.5 in RW Heritage, a 10.0 in RW Weekender, a 9.5 in Lofgren. Feet are on the wide side of normal, but very low-volume.

    I know that my best bet would be sending tracings in either direct to them or to Baker's, but White's has a pair up on their eBay page that I'm eyeing…

    Been after a new pair of all-leather hiking boots for a while now; thought I'd settled on Scarpa only to find out that they were no longer making their leather models, so here we are

    I've found white's to fit a whole size larger than other shoes. I wear 11.5B in Red Wing pecos boots, and 10.5B in white's. I think it might have something to do with the way the arch is - shortening the foot. If you have access to a brannock device, White's measures your feet with you sitting down. They rest the brannock device on a fitting stool and you just put your foot on it like normal 


    this is the fitting stool I'm talking about. 

  2. 2 hours ago, conqueror said:


    is the rise that much of a killer? am i missing something...? i'm 186cm/82kg if it makes a difference. i could look at the 50s instead, but i think the leg opening will be too big for my tastes.

    Yes. It is. I got the same size as my 50s -32 - the rise on the 50s is 11.5 I think. The rise on the 60s is around 10. They’re unwearable. Sizing up would def be necessary but then the thighs and leg are larger so why even bother? Just get the 50s. They’re perfect. 

  3. 1 hour ago, darkstar73 said:

    beautiful piece! 

    Thanks! I had been looking for a vintage seiko for a while now and my friend found me one. I had been tempted by that new seiko 5 sports - srpe55. But I think 40mm is too big for me. Also I just love the vintage styles - imagine that. 

  4. I had a pair of the wwii impressions. I really liked them. Wore the hell out of them. Had a resole done locally and they botched it. They were never the same again. I threw them out last year. They’re definitely good for the money. They seem to be perpetually out of stock tho. 

  5. 7 hours ago, Paul T said:

    I am following Erk. I'm 32 in the TCB 50s (roomy, lower shot), 31 20s (top shot, as far as I remember they were trim but not tight), 32 60s. I found SC Edo Ai 31 too small. Ryo thinks 31 will be ok although Inoue-san might disapprove. SO i think I'll go 31. Do you think that's reasonable, @erk?

    Update: Done. 31/30. No stacking for me. Ordered raw so I can stretch waist if necessary.



    Yeah I think we’re gonna be ok. My 20s are 31 as well. They’re totally fine. Similar to the way yours are in the top pic. My 32 50s fit great when they’re fresh out of the wash but get really loose pretty quickly. 

  6. I ordered 31 OW. I have a size 32, 31, and 34 TCB 50s. The 31 feels best on me so I went with that.

    I also own a sz 32 sugar cane 1947 - I would defintely not get a 31 in those - that waistband is pretty snug. 

    I wear a 32 in earls apparel stuff - gung ho camp trousers and fatigue pants 

    32 in LVC 1955 - Wish I had gone with 31 on these. But the measurements on the 32 1955 are pretty similar to the sizing chart for the s40's on TCB's site.   

  7. I’m in!

    I think I’m gonna go for 31. Tcb measurements for 31 are really close to my lvc 55s in 32. In case anyone is curious. With .5cm higher rise! 

    also for anyone who cares - I own a tcb 50s in 32 and 31 - the 31 looks better on me. 31 it is. 

    In regards to hem - I’ve been wanting to get a pair to wear without a cuff but I don’t think this is the pair to do it with. The hem measures .5cm wider than my 31 50s. I’ll have to see how my 517s compare. 

  8. 26190799_ScreenShot2020-06-18at4_18_41PM.thumb.png.520e15b840e1663486839905fed3cfd7.png

    I was messing around with a 360 camera for work and noticed this super sexy look I figured I should share with you guys. 

    Kurt Vile shirt I always seem to be wearing when I post pictures here

    TCB 50s 

    Rainbows I've had since highschool. Class of '04 baby. 

  9. remembering the arcs today as I came across this picture on my computer. They were a beauty but alas the pain they caused...Denim Icarus. 1696668634_tcb20s.thumb.jpg.d45ff18af9ab84a44e50405547a82c50.jpg

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