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  1. The fit pics on your website look good.

    But having polyester as a pocketlining isn't the best idea as polyester pills like a bitch and it's not breathable which is important for those in hotter climates (also gives feeling of cheapness).

    The logo could be developed further but I'm a graphic designer so i'm just being nit picky :P

  2. Anyone know where i can get Imperials in Sydney? I looked all over today and couldnt find anything. I asked someone at the one store and they said something about a store called Lace and a store called Apartment. Any info would be great?

    Apartment is in Brisbane > http://www.aptmnt.com/

  3. Atsui Tokyo's is now stocking Johnbull, anyone had experience on their selvedge women's line? I dug around in the Johnbull thread(s) but everythings about the men's line. I'm looking for a over-dyed pair of selvedge jeans as my current pairs are not geared towards fading despite being raw.

    Johnbull is around $70 cheaper than say Flat heads but have the same pedigree.

    (Anything from BIG is out of the picture as their shipping is killer expensive)

  4. OMGZ Jeans from just across the ditch (I'm in Aus ^_^)

    I nearly cried with joy thinking I could get jeans without the killer exchange rate but then I read all prices quotes in USD. SADFACE.

    They look awesome though, love the patch design.

  5. Edwin? Pictures please...

    APC? get them online~

    OMGZ I got home from work and my Edwin Miss Sen had arrived...they're too big! SADFACE! need to organise to get a 27 instead of 28s and send them half way around the world again. MASSIVE SADFACE. They're beautiful though - quality is awesome but lighter-weight denim (11oz) than my wesc's, I'd prolly prefer an oz or two heavier but thats ok.


  6. I always see the denim, not the butt. My friends think i'm insane but I check out everyone, guys and girls. I tend to only see selvedge on asian international students.

    I hate seeing nudies around cuz soo many people don't beat them up so they're old lookin but no fading whatsoever. They buy it because its fashionable, not because it's raw. It's a travesty.

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