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  1. I just ordered the xx-010 purples! \o/

    Reading through the thread, it seems like PBJs don't shrink as much as BiG says and they stretch alot right? I don't want to buy too big otherwise i've have weird looking bulge wear balls are meant to go. :P Should I size down 1?

  2. ^ Oh I can do that relativity? From all the pics I've seen of people soaking their jeans has been flat out in the bathtub...I've got a laundry sink I could do it in if it's ok that the jeans will be folded up abit.

    I'm thinking of taking up the offer from sharpservice, shall i pick my size based off BIGs measurements? I don't quite understand the ones from PBJ website, is it pre or post soak measurements?

  3. I apologise if this is a silly question but when you soak the raws for the first time, does it bleed indigo alot? I live in a rented apartment and if the dye stains the bathtub i'm up for a big replacement/cleaning bill come time to move out so i don't want to risk it. Otherwise, i'll prolly get the xx-007 one wash.


  4. great pair, but why is there so less info/posting about these jeans.

    would love to get some pair.

    could anyone share some information about how to get the proper size?

    Awesome jeans Thaiison!

  5. I miss VHS tapes, soo much character. I miss the taping and overtaping of fav tv shows, the masses of room it takes up, the fact that when pic quality got distorted you'd have to take the tape out, whack at a few times and blow on the tapes...

  6. Ok, so i've finally got some money to spare so what should I get ladies...I just checked self edge is out of flathead baulders in my size :(

    Ah well, should I get Ande Whall rakers, Somet 008 or 3sixteen? I want something with decent fadability. Ooh, I'm soo excited...new jeansies!!

  7. Ok, silly question but today my friend accidently split chinese jasmine tea all over a table today and my jeans copped most of it. there's no odour or visable stains but practically 3/4 of my left thigh and crotch area was doused in tea. Should I soak it or wear as is?

  8. Oh wow Relativity, I had no idea you were Australian too! We aussies have excellent taste ;)

    Man, I went to my local jeans store and their own range of jeans end up costing $350, for that money I'd rather get rakers and save some bucks or shell out a few more for some flatheads...

  9. Yeah chopsticks ftw. that reminds me of some people who cant use them correctly or cannot use them at all. Looks quite funny

    Like those people who do it 'scissor style' and never were trained to use them correct way with the non-food end never touching. :P

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