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  1. Looks good, beautiful shape through the legs. Was there a reason you picked the NC over the Petite NS?

    My local denim store won't have APC till end of this year so I don't know. Boo to them but on the upside they're doing their own jeans...should be instore any day now!

  2. How tall are you? I wanted to buy this for my girl, but she's only 5'4.

    Hi Acidline, I'm 5'4 aswell. See the 'raw for women' thread for pics with me wearing the jacket. The length is fine on me as I wanted a long jacket, it's just the width and sleeves were too big.


  3. Hi,

    I bought this jacket from Self Edge last week (was the last one!), it arrived yesterday and I'm selling today as it's too big for a short, asian girl like me. It's impeccably made and an awesome style but I just can't wear it.

    - Acrylic/wool blend

    - Leather coated buttons

    - detachable hood

    - Hand pockets and flat pockets on the outside

    - Made in San Francisco

    Google image search it and you'll see fitpics worn by Sidney.

    It's brand new, came with tags but it wasn't attached. Never worn, only tried on. I'll post it in the box it came to me in.


    Width pit-to-pit: 20.5inches

    Length: 28.5 inches

    Asking: $155USD shipped anywhere.








    Closeup of detachable fur detail:




    I've got 100% positive feedback on ebay.com.au since 2006 (username: linwe-mary-jay) so you can check that out if you want. As per my usual ebay practice, I post within 24hours or next business day after receiving payment.

    Snap this one up, no restocks on this design! Thanks.

  4. Hehe, not as cold as Melbourne gets but it gets pretty chilly for about a month or two :P

    Yeah, I'm slowly coming to the realisation that it's too big, but women's jackets this season are soo boring :(

    I just flicked through your blog Kino, OMGZ awesome collection! I've been eyeing that exact pair of Somets (rather than the womens cut)...you should post some updates on how they're all coming along!

  5. Hah, thank you!~ B.Son Jacket... Sounds good. My bro has a hoodie from Bson and it looks very good! Maybe pictures ?:) please~~~~~

    Ok Relativity, I need your advice...on second trying, the jacket seems really big on me so what do you think? keep or sell?

    It's a size small which Kiya said is the same size that Sidney wore in the SE photos. The jacket cannot be altered by the tailor as black woolen bit wraps around the whole jacket and the stitching is all concealed, not to mention the detachable lining. I had to roll up the sleeves as they're too long.

    Anyway, here's some pics...please excuse the daggy outfit, had uni today.

    Jacket Unzipped.


    Jacket done up:


    Stupid pose to show the amount of fabric around the arms and upper body.


    It's soo lovely though...what should I do?

  6. Awesome fit on the jeans and jacket Relativity! love it.

    I got my B.Son jacket from Self-Edge today...it's alittle too big but it's absolutely gorgeous. *cries*

  7. While both fit really, really well, I think the pocket placement is better on the S&S and is more flattering on the butt as the PBJ's pockets are a bit too high. But you can't beat PBJs for the price factor, the fading ability plus the orangy red patch is awesome.

  8. and seriously... I hope you just not one of those 35 year old ish white dude in his basement all day fap to J-porn and dreams of ordering mail order bride from mainland China or Vietnam some ish

    I'm a ABC and a girl (except the "A" stands for Australia). ^__^

  9. i dont like asian women that arent "traditional" or atleast what i consider traditional what im trying to say is. I prefer fobby asian women :3

    You mean the traditional, submissive, "I can't eat, sleep, talk, do a fucking anything without a man" types?

    Those girls and the guys who date them make me puke.

  10. I imagine they'll stretch out a bit and that's why you'd have them so tight at first panty lines show..so when it does stretche it fits perfectly..?

    Haha, I was going to post the fit-pics of my new edwins which are soo bloody tight...maybe i should wear them a week until the much-feared VPL disappears.... XD

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