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  1. Okay so I went through a men's clothing phase but everything I bought was too big for a short, asian girl like me. All awesome, but I'll never wear them so gotta sell for stuff that fits.

    First up:

    PBJ Men's Purple Slim Jeans XX-010 - SIZE 30 - Hot-soaked once and worn about 3-4 times. No visible fading. It may be slimfit for men but way too big for me. I have no balls. The slubbiness is freakin unreal and I'm totally going to get the new women's fit.


    Waist: 15.75 inches (40cm)

    Rise: 9.75 inches (24.8cm)

    inner leg: 35.25 inches (89.5cm)

    ($305USD @ BlueinGreen)

    Asking: $255USD Shipped Anywhere

    Pics: (I'm sorry the lighting was inconsistent, I had to shoot with different settings for each as the closeups got blurry)

    Full Shot







    B.Son Tweed Bomber Jacket - SIZE S - bought from Self Edge. Top quality jacket. MADE IN SAN FRANCISCO. It's brand new, came with tags but it wasn't attached. Never worn, only tried on. I'll post it in the box it came to me in.


    Width pit-to-pit: 20.5inches

    Length: 28.5 inches

    Asking: $160USD shipped anywhere.






    Inner (detachable lining):


    Closeup of detachable fur detail:




    I've got 100% positive feedback on ebay.com.au since 2006 (username: linwe-mary-jay) so you can check that out if you want. As per my usual ebay practice, I post within 24hours or next business day after receiving payment.

    I accept payment through Paypal only please.

  2. Hey!

    Wow, haven't been back in a while! looking good kino!

    I'll be selling my purple PBJs in a few days :( haven't worn them for months since its too hot and because its too big, the man-zip gives me chafing. It didn't shrink as much as i had hoped. keep a lookout if anyone's interested in them!

  3. I agree Crissy, most people only know Nudies when it comes to raw denim. Nudies are everywhere in my city...and you can tell those people (both girls and guys) wash them after every wear or very regularly...denim looks washed out with no stress fades. It's depressing to see. Even the guy in my class who wears Imperials has no fades and he's had them for a year... :(

  4. Dizzy, sometime raw isn't for everyone. She's probably better off getting a pair of premium non-raw denim which despite the sufu consensus that the quality isn't as good as raw/selvedge niche brands, is far better than levis and stuff. The reason she gets her denim tailored is either the cut sucks or they stretch like hell and go all saggy.

    Unsanforized is the last thing she'd want (i.e those baulders) if she's afraid of muffin tops, can't be bothered soaking, drying, stretching them, denim bleed etc.

  5. yo my bad shuns i was tlakin bout 1.6 like 1 yr n 6 months naw meen? i meen sheet , aint tryna get all technical bout it, i meen ish jus numbas naw meen? and in lik 50 yrs we all gunna be gone cuz of cancer n shit naw meen? lul , well anyways if i wore mah sams for lik 50 yrs i'd have infinity whiskers naw meen? lul sheet, i bet u could take lik a mathetmetician and calculate da numba of whiskers and combs on mah sams and' his brain prolly blew up naw meen lul

    keep on doin da damn thin future blue collar werkers naw meen

    Lol. you said that i would fade away like indigo, that's like a denim joke. You are too much :)Hahahahahaha!

    Man, I love the superfuture forums. It's like you guys sit at the table away from the Jocks, and the Fobs. You guys sit with the goons and talk about denims, poetry, and Pho. Jesus Christ, you guys are like the epitome of "next level shit." I only wish my children will turn out like you guys. Keep cuffin' them straight raw selvedge denims. You guys are super.

    Is this the same person? There's not even one "naw meeeeeeen" in the second post! :o If you can write decent English, why do you insist on writing like a wanker?

  6. OOh so they shrunk alot, which is good! probably will soak again while I find a tailor to taper and hem these babies! (I'd like them abit slimmer and to remove the excess fabric under the butt and in the length)

    Denim is still stiff as hell (turning these inside out is a 5 minute ordeal lol), still can't do up one of the middle buttons in the fly and I'm still not use to the extra fabric where the balls should be... it bunches!! haha

    But all in all i'm pretty happy! Purple Jawns! \o/



    edit: ^ goodness that's such an unflattering fit in the ass atm! ^

  7. I soaked my jeans last night, will post pics when they're dry!

    Hot water in the laundry sink with a kettle or two of boiling water added for about 1 1/2 hours. Then 20mins in dryer to slightly damp, then hung up to dry.

  8. Fit pics (presoak)...are they too big? I reckon I'll need to get them tapered and hemmed...I'm only 5ft 4" :P''

    They are soo bloody stiff like cardboard I couldn't even do up the buttons in the fly except for the top one despite being loose...




    PS. I realised only when i posted that I must have sagged them abit as they're big, they sit higher up than shown.

  9. Kino! My PBJs have arrived! they're huuuuuuuuge! Must soak though I'm hesitating as I wonder if 29 is a better size! Does Hide do exchanges? I doubt it :(

    PS. fit pics in the PBJ thread :P

  10. My 010's arrived today! how big is the fit meant to be pre-soak?

    Cuz I'm a girl, the thigh/butt area is huge and the waist is slightly loose Will soak soon but am waiting for my camera to charge so i can take some pics, I want to make sure its the right size before i soak.


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