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    Virgil Plain Toe Low - US9
    Just bought these off FUK classifieds, but not really for me. Sand colour, worn only a few times by previous owner. Some wear of suede on back of shoes (see pic 4), and also some dirt on soles, which is not too visible when worn. Comes with tags and original box (box is slightly damaged)
    Asking $515 shipped via UPS 2-day delivery to USA. Paypal gift or +4% please.
    PM me. Thanks!


    shitty pricing on those plain toes buddy

  2. I had the 01 slims in the unwashed indigo and they're nowhere near the 04's.  More like 03 but without the taper and a longer rise.  Had to send them off to get altered in the end.


    i second this. I own both and found the 01 slims to be on a different planet fit wise as the 04's.  bigger/wider in every way possible except maybe the waist

  3. The essence of Hiroki will be in my blood stream shortly. I can finally feel love with no Country.



    my bag is on it's way as well.   excited for the natural mud dye morning shits

  4. AW10 Virgil Boot, Sz.10 SAND      $300

    Includes Original Box & Tags, 8/10 condition

    Purchased from FIL Tokyo

    These have been work lovingly on and off since Jan 2011.  The pics show the discoloration on each toe box and scuffs on the soles.  Suede is still super soft and there's plenty of life left on the soles.  







  5. the suede looks to be a bit stiffer then the previous suede 101.  maybe because of the dye process?

    not really a fan of the collar hard wear but i'm sure they can be removed.  anyone know if there are other colors?

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