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  1. I'm now officially part of the TCB club, and it feels awesome! 

    I bought these lightly worn TCB 60s from @crescent. Just gave them a first wash after been wearing them since 20th of December.

    I think I got a bit of head start with Crescent wearing them, otherwise this is some crazy fading denim. 

    This is also my first real vintage/repro style denim, just look at that texture! 



  2. 1 hour ago, cusswords said:

    There was a Duck Digger version recently and the used-wash version comes out regularly, but Warehouse hasn’t made a standard 1101 or 1101 in a few years. 

    OH that's a real bummer, fingers crossed that they will release 1100 or 1101 this year 

  3. 2 hours ago, unders said:

    The 1101 is their 60s model

    edit: and 1100

    OK but are these in production? Couldn't find any online except the second hand wash. 

  4. Anyone interested in 36 inch TCB 60s hemmed to 78 cm that have very little wear. The fit is not working for me, too tight in the thighs and the hem is flaring up. Very sad since the fabric is super super nice. 

    Or I might lose some weight and maybe also taper the jeans to have a fit that works... 

  5. 5 hours ago, jewellben said:

    Some changinge room snaps from yesterday

    Super nice shade of blue, and also nice fit! How many wears and washes do you have on those? 

  6. 16 minutes ago, jewellben said:

    I’ve got a 36” not for sale though these have been my 2021 pair, great fit but very long from new. I had to get them hemmed by Rivet and Hide and I’m 6’1

    OK too bad they are not for sale :). Yea they seem to be super long inseam. How do you like the fit? Do you have pics if the Evo? 

  7. 3 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

    @Newman Best is always pretty subjective. TCB has a decent 66 model and is genrally of good youality. Keep in mind they are less tapered than most Japanese '66 repros.
    Conner's Sewing Factory now offers a '66 pair as well (but it's hard to get one).

    Ooe Yofukuten 02 cut is always an option as well

    I've heard about the TCB taper and might be a problem with being too wide. The stockist in Sweden doesn't carry the 60s. Where do you usually get Yofokuten? Everything seemes to be sold out on their website 

  8. Bumping an old thread. Which is the best 66 models nowadays? I've tried the Resolute but they are too tight in the thigh which forces me to size up in waist, which makes it too roomy in the waist. Would TCB be a better option. Is there any new 66 models that are interesting nowadays? 

  9. 13 hours ago, JDelage said:

    I have a pair of contest WW2 jeans: waist 86cm (will easily stretch to 88cm), front rise 35cm, back rise 45cm, inseam 78cm, thighs 31.5cm, knees 24cm, opening 23cm.

    I've sent you a PM

  10. Curious to try TCB but I'm currently on a budget. Anyone selling a 2nd hand pair of any of their cuts? I'm true 88cm in waist. 

  11. Not sur where to post it. But I've been away from the Japanese rawe denim "scene" for a while but have regained the interest. I've seen quite some posts about japanese jeans with arcs and red tab. 8 years ago when I was active here it were all banned due to Levis. Has this changed over the years or why can I see some new produced jeans with Red Tabs? (TCBxSufu contest jeans is one example)

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