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  1. hello latest visitors to my profile/user cp

    1. fads


      ...and ordo overtakes oscur! now, a message from our ericahaines sponsors~~

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  2. the new album released my bloody valentine if you're ~*cool*~ comment below ↓↓↓

    1. fads


      we're gonna have to go to the panels for judgment on vam the man here.

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  3. after twenty tree years, my fucking bloody valentine.

  4. Shine on, you crazy diamond

  5. It's my style , not ur , pls shut up !!!

  6. Here is a comment I read about the Scorpions bass player:I read some comment somewhere on the tube, some troll said Francis made 0 contributions to the band. My reply, #1 how's your band doing? #2 you don't get to be the bass player for the likes of Roth, schanker, or jabs by being just a nice guy! AYFKMHey.. What?

  7. NEVER STAY HERE. I recently booked a room through KAYAK at the Super 8 in Seguin Texas. The pictures looked nice, it was $120 a night, I figured it would be fine. It was the worst place I have ever been. When I entered the motel lobby to check in a wave of cat urine odor came over me. That should have been my first sign that this place is nasty and not fit for a family stay. I had just driven in from Houston and went straight to a basketball tournament with my son and wife, we here ready for...

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