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  1. Q: How can you tell if a person is vegan?

    A: Don't worry, they'll let you know.


    My girlfriend is vegetarian. She doesn't try to push it on anyone. It's her personal choice, and she keeps it that way. Tell her you prefer eating meat. It's really that simple.

  2. technically, the girl of my dreams doesn't bang on the first night

    technically, the girl of my dreams doesn't bang on the first night

    technically, the girl of my dreams doesn't bang on the first night

    technically, the girl of my dreams doesn't bang on the first night

    technically, the girl of my dreams doesn't bang on the first night

    LOL. This is actually hilarious. I'm simply saying I don't think I'll be marrying and having children with a woman who I banged the first time I met her. Hey, I could potentially be missing out on someone who is a great person, but that's just how I am I guess.

  3. Yes, I would. Technically, the girl of my dreams doesn't bang on the first night, so that wouldn't be an issue. I'm speaking from my own experience, but girls I've slept with on the first night have either been one-night stands or progressed no further than fuck buddies. Girls I've actually been in long-term relationships with, are people whom I knew for a while before even dating them.

  4. ^ This. When I say early, I mean within like the first week or two. Have at least 3 solid dates with the guy if you actually want a relationship with him. If you're just out at a party and want to get laid, do whatever you want. I'm saying this from the way I perceive things.

    I've never been in an actual relationship with a girl whom I slept with on the first date/first night meeting her. I'm not saying it's impossible to form a relationship after that, but if I didn't have to get to know you much before sleeping with you, that kind of throws up a red flag that you're not wifey material.

    Also for the ladies: Don't try to play games. Oh, so you're dating me, but also talking to another guy? Trying to get me jealous? I'm not going to fight for you if you're doing shit like that. There's actually a lot of decent girls out there that will put effort into forming a relationship with one person. If it doesn't work out, move on.

  5. I climb at Joe Rockhead's in Toronto. Climbing 5.10+ indoors, bouldering what I believe are v3's. I've been at it for about 3 months now. Can't wait to go outdoors once it heats up. I have a Petzl Adjama harness and Scarpa Force shoes.

    Also have a minor pulley injury on my ring finger on my right hand. I'm pretty sure it was from the 2 finger pockets. Going to get some bouldering in today to see how it's feeling.

    If you guys want to watch an amazing climbing video, check out Progression.

  6. any advice for girls?

    Just be cool I guess. What I want in a girl, is to be able to hang out and enjoy each others company. Definitely don't give it up early. If a guy gets sex without really working for it, he will never look at you as someone to be in a serious relationship with.

  7. posted this in super confessional, but guess it belongs here

    Broke up with my girl bout two months back. Dated for two years. Still think about her all the time, still think about her all the damn time.

    Done all of the requisite things, seeing other people, laid the pipe down several times, working on myself, but she is still always on the back of my mind.

    I suppose it does not help that we've spoken a couple of times, and she's told me she still considers me the love of her life, and all this other bullshit.

    Getting lunch with her on Monday...probably is not the best idea, but I don't know. The prospect of seeing her makes me want to simultaneoulsy vomit, and jump for joy. And i've felt that way since Friday, when we made these plans.

    I have a huge feeling she will cancel though, trying to mentally prepare myself to take that if it comes, and play it cool, rather than get desperate and whiny.


    Time heals all wounds eh

    Time does heal all wounds. Going for lunch and talking to her intermittently is not giving yourself time.

  8. i guess i like exploring this new sort of scene, and i'm impressed with people who are deep into it but are not total drugheads

    What exactly are you inspired by then? You're impressed a girl has her life together, and this inspires you to go to underground drug parties?

  9. The real question here is: What kind of grown man takes baths? Seriously? Maybe if you're an athelete and taking a steam bath, or bathing in epsom salts to relax the muscles. Actually soaking in a tub full of your own dirt for the purposes of getting clean though? Ludicrous. Maybe it's a French thing.

  10. ^ Damn man, me too. I just got out of a 1.5 year relationship with someone I thought I would be spending the rest of my life with. I ended things with her a few months ago (after a bunch of shit happened), and started seeing this girl. She's such a great person, but something seems to be missing there. Maybe I jumped into things with her too soon after my breakup, but I really don't know. I don't feel the need to go out with other girls or anything, so it's definitely not that...

    It might be my view on things now. After putting so much into a relationship and basically making it my life, then having it crash down on my head. After that, maybe I just don't have the will to put in as much effort into this relationship, and that's probably why I'm not getting as much out of it...

  11. fuuuccckkkk

    think i'm catching feelings for this girl and i'm worried i might be rushing into things a little too fast. we met on new year's and hit it off ..

    If she's introducing you to friends and stuff, she definitely likes you a lot and is looking for more than just hooking up. I would also give it a little while longer before dropping the exclusive talk, even though I'm 100% positive you are mutually exclusive already. This is because you still want to be a challenge for her. If you tell her that you're completely invested in her, her interest level in you might drop.

    As much as I hate using terms like that that come out of dating books, it's very true for the first couple months of a "relationship". I'm in a similar situation myself.

  12. just realised recently that we are constantly and permanently craving more food than we need, too much Calories, too much fat and sugar,

    so i decided to eat healthy now, starting to eat salads at lunch instead of burgers, limiting bread at only one or 2 slices per lunch instead of haft of the whole thing, no more desserts and fat or only like 1 or 2 times a month,

    well just started this week to really eat healthy food, take the time to prepare lunch box at home and i feel so good, much more energy, good mood, losing fat on body ect.

    You should throw in some exercising too. Lifting weights and running. I currently go to the gym, and rockclimb. It really pairs well with eating healthy and making it your lifestyle instead of a fad diet. The other good thing, is when you exercise frequently you can eat shit that might not be great for you but still get away with it.

    Also, I'm craving thai red curry. I just so happened to make some last night, and will enjoy destroying it for lunch.

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