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  1. clutchLT


    All packages that gets shipped include a commercial invoice. The ones that are shipped from the mothersite will indicate where the product is made from. If it's being shipped from another retailer, it may or may not indicate where it is made from. For example when I purchased from one of the American retailers, it did not indicate it's country of origin on the commercial invoice.
  2. clutchLT


    I went with size medium and these fit perfectly. Initially, I was worries about the waist size given I am waist size 29~ so naturally I should go with small as I wear small in everything else. But given I am 6 feet tall, the original advice was to go with the length of the pants instead of waist size. This couldn't be more right, as I think a small size would have come up short with the extended cuffs. You can tighten the waist size quite a bit and it sits at my hip instead of waist. I am having issues attaching pics with my phone so I can upload some pics later if anyone wants for reference. Hope that helps.
  3. clutchLT


    Ordered the P30DS in size M. Was told its about the length of the pants that matter for these and not the waist as I am normally a size 29/30 which I normally go size small. I'm also 6 feet tall. If anyone can confirm that would be great.
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