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  1. Oakland


    Some really bad neighborhoods but it will never affect you if you don't want it to...

    This is not true. Especially if you're a girl. My girlfriend gets hollered at in really gross/innapropriate ways at all hours of the day/night in oakland/south berkeley, and won't walk at night unless she's with a dude.

    Also, if you're a white dude ("hipster") drunk off your ass, better not walk/bike home alone. You gonna get knocked the fuck out and your wallet stolen.

  2. you guys are definitely right. i didn't post any pictures of skins, i just meant that's part of what's been influencing my style. oxblood doc oxfords, high cuffed jeans, polo shirts, denim or bomber jacket, etc. pictures are definitely meant to be reference points, but i don't dress exactly like any of the dudes in the pictures i posted.

  3. ugh, weekend nachos suckssss.

    godamn, the new new lows album is fucking HEAVY and i don't really like that kind of hardcore for the most part. I'm considering going to tht SF show from the tour posted above, but I know i'm gonna get annoyed at aggro moshers. All those bands are sick though, except bitter end who I've never heard. I'm pretty into the later entombed vibe I get from some nails songs. Especially the guitar tone, total left hand path worship!

  4. Blue/grey/a touch of purple.

    What exactly do you find is wrong/to be changed?

    I'm never a fan of dark blue in combination with dark grey/black, and I think that if you're wearing a suit jacket/blazer and going for a more dressed up look, your trousers should match. Obviously this is just personal taste, keep doin' what you like if you see nothing wrong with it. I just think it looks tacky.

  5. Quick sales, need some rent moneys. Make an offer if you'd like, I might bite, especially if you're interested in more than one item. This is also true for my other, older sale thread:


    PM on here or send email to [email protected]

    Band of Outsiders MicroCheck shirt size medium.

    Only worn around my house for an afternoon, still has original tags attached. Perfect condition, but I'm closer to a size small. Original retail 240, reduced to 139, my price: SOLD


    details shots:



    Issey Miyake light Anorak. Spring/Summer piece, not sure what year, but a couple years old at least. Great piece, minimal and classy without being too dressy. Really subtle cool "crinkle" effect you can see in one of the detail shots. Unlined soft canvas material with really nice thick metal buttons. Worn a bit but in great condition, no flaws. Color isn't accurate, these pictures were shot a couple hours before dusk, so they're more reddish/orange than they should be. Fit pic is accurate. Pice: $200



    Detail shots:



    Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs Moleskin jeans Size 27.

    Great black jeans in a thick and soft moleskin. Unworn with tags still attached. They run a little small, I'm a true 28 waist and can't button the top button (you can tell in the fit pic!). Would look great on a tall skinny dude/girl, buy 'em for your girlfriend. Original retail was 98 bucks I think (or 78?), I'll let them go for $35 shipped



  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342