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  1. 38 minutes ago, Rob060 said:

    I've never liked how Lee jeans have looked and always associated them with the dumbass hicks from my high school that wore cowboy hats and drove old raised trucks.

    Did you go to high school in San Jose? I grew up there and there was no one at my school that fits that description. Although if you grew up in Gilroy or south-east SJ heading towards Gilroy/Hollister I could definitely see how you'd have those types of kids around in high school.

  2. Wearing a lot of black while it's still cold enough (temps were at end of winter levels today). I'm  dreading the arrival of warmer weather.



    Robert Mackie wool beanie

    Schott P213 jacket

    Brixtol waffle knit sweater

    Samurai 710NBK jeans

    Dr. Marten "For Life" 1461

  3. Here's a question about creasing for you guys: Will the sharp creases from jeans being stored go away with wear?

    I just busted out the Samurai S710NBK one wash that I had in storage for a few months, and there are some sharp creases from being folded up for so long. I've never had a problem with this before, because I've always bought raw in the past, so creases went away after the initial soak or wash. Since these are one-wash, I wasn't planning on doing a soak or wash, but I'm worried that the creases running down the side of the legs will be fade and end up super visible.

    Any of you guys run into this problem before? Will the creases relax with time? I have a feeling they won't, and should maybe do a soak to prevent that (even though I'd rather not)


  4. On 4/14/2019 at 10:20 AM, beautiful_FrEaK said:

    Maybe the new 211 is something for you? Or the new 712 although I would need to see more info on the latter. 

    A google search didn't turn up anything on those two models. Any more info?

    And to be clear, there are Samurai models that I like a lot (S710 is a perfect slim straight imo), I was just hoping for something that would come closer to my "ideal fit". I would love more info on those two models mentioned especially if they've got a more aggressive taper without being tight in the thigh. The S511 seems like a typical slim tapered fit without being overly tight fitting, not exactly what I'm looking for since the thighs are fairly slim.

  5. Those look great IMO, but if they're really uncomfortable then it makes sense to sell them off. I wish they had done the arcs the same way they do on the S710-19oz to match the color of the denim. I think that the light blue is really tacky looking (the rest of the details are nice though)


    I wish samurai would do a cut with more generous thighs but an aggressive taper - basically the s711 with a smaller hem. Their slimmer fits are tight in the thigh, but look baggy below the knee on me (admittedly I've got stick legs).

  6. One of those brands I've always wanted to try, although I do prefer a higher rise these days. Might get around to it one day. Thanks for posting Chambo, not common to see well worn eternals.

  7. Here are some pre and post wash pictures of my 21BSP. I think I've had them about two and a half years, although they were worn on and off over that time. Not sure how many washes, probably between 6 and 8. Unfortunately they've shrunk continuously even after the first two washes, and I've gained a bit of weight too, so they're too tight for me now. A pity, because they were just getting nice and had a lot of life left. These would have looked fabulous after another year.


    The color was hard to capture, it definitely changes a lot depending on light source. While being very rich indigo, they're not as intensely blue as the pictures in direct sunlight would suggest. True color is somewhere between the color of the first and last photos, but being closer to the last photo.









    Post-Wash (looks weird to me due to lack of creases, but gives a good idea of the fading)







  8. Is the paper patch standard on all Denime models now? I almost got a pair of the 66 type on denimio, but I thought the paper patch was used on their "budget" line with cheaper denim, so I opted not to. Not much info about them on the site, and the information online is all over the place due to all the different versions over the years.

  9. Hard to tell but looks like there are either no arcs, or dark arcs like on s710 19oz, which I am really happy about. I generally don't like any kind of contrast stitching for pocket arcs, except the classic levi's ones.

    I unfortunately just used up all my denimio points on a pair of s710NBK, otherwise I would have waited for these to come around on sale.

  10. He presented prototypes of the upcoming collection (Raw Research II) at the Palais de Tokyo yesterday, I haven't been able to find any pictures of details of anything other than these moto jeans:



    "The raw denim trousers, named Motac-X, feature stretch fabric panels in areas that the body needs to move, such as the knee and hip joints.

    We have great stretch denim, but it's something that's standardised," Throup told Dezeen. "How can we get a garment to move with the body, but made out of rigid denim?"

    "Then you start engineering panels that move in certain ways, that are elasticated, that shifts and expands and twists as your skin does."





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