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  1. ...or just work really hard. It's the time that pays off, not so much the instruction. Once you have the basics down, you just need to do it every day, all the time. That's how it goes for anything, IMO.

  2. Played the new kreayshawn song for my girl (who had never heard of her) and she was all "that sounds like my girl natassia". Turns out she lived with her for a bit before she moved to LA. Said she's always looked/acted like that for those of you who doubt her "realness".

  3. SM57 is hella good and standard as fuck

    c'mon man, that's basic as fuck. i've got one, everyone's got one. i'm hopin to find out about some little known secret or somethin. someone drop some knowlege!

    edit: the 57 is also pretty shitty for vocals, I need something that's good (or at least alright) for everything!

  4. I'm interning (aka working for free) at a design/architecturally minded travel magazine, focusing on "luxury" locations/products. It's called artravel: http://www.artravel.net/

    I do some basic photo retouching, file preparation, and a lot of the page layouts. May put together some proposals for a new ad campaign before I'm done there.

    Returning to the bay area in late summer, and looking for a job, hopefully in magazine publishing. However, I'm pretty open and interested in all sorts of graphic design with the except of web stuff. If I don't find a good job after a couple months, I may end up moving to Paris since I have some solid connections there through networking. I'd much rather stay in the bay area though, so if anyone knows of anything, holla atcha boy!

  5. I was at a show, a touring band asks me if I know where to get weed. I agree to help, but was pretty trashed so I couldn't drive to my friend's house to pick up, so my bandmate agrees to drive me over there. We're invited inside, smoke a blunt with my buddy and his girl, but my bandmate is super quiet the whole time. We leave a few minutes later, and once we're in the car, immediately my friend says: "I tried to date that girl like 3 years ago and she turned me down super hard. That sucked"

  6. a buddy just sent me a link to a short video of louie lopez, hadn't heard of the kid before now.


    fuck, man. if he doesn't blow out his knees or something dumb like that, he's gonna go down in history. effortless style and he goes BIG

  7. sliced cucumber



    salt and pepper

    I know this is supposed to be a hate thread, but hell yeah. so good. I add dijon mustard and spinach usually though. Also, persian cucumbers are godamn amazing for sandwiches. crispy and sweet!

  8. I don't know how to embed up in here, someone teach me for +rep

    old triple 6 is so fuckin good, beat goes HARD


    dj paul & lord infamous, evil shit, mean as fukkk

    (still triple six related) Only children of the corn could make an isley brothers sample sound hard

    earlier brotha lynch, solid 90s west coast shit, classic cali flowww


    celly cel for the 90s bay shit, like this way better than most bay hiphop from the time period.

  9. Just graduated from San Francisco State with a BA in Industrial Arts (and Liberal Studies) this semester.

    Starting an internship at arttravel magazine tomorrow, since it's a small-ish magazine, I'm hoping to get into how the whole print production work flow goes, as opposed to resizing pictures all day, or being some coffee bitch. Pretty excited about it, kinda nervous too! I desperately need to get some work for my portfolio, so ideally I'll be able to put some spreads together to have something to show for my time there.

    I've always wanted to work in print/at a magazine, it's a shame it is all on the way out. I hate coding, and it seems like there are less and less front-end webdesign jobs available, you need to be pretty solid with coding to land something like that.

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