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  1. Swag jacker is a great term! Also that bitch didn't do shit except look cute. It doesn't change a thing, just Follow her on tumblr and look at the picture s she posts of herself.

  2. Nightmare, Jellyroll blockheads, confuse?, gloom are some japanese punk bands I like. Really really into coffins, but they're more of a metal band. One of the gnarliest live sounds I've seen/heard.

  3. Anyone own the mytouch 4G? about to sign a contract with tmobile, not sure what phone to go with. Mytouch 4g is $0.99 right now with two year contract, and I'm thinking it won't be worth it to spend $100 for the Galaxy S with the S2 out. I was gonna drop the extra cash on a G2x but I've been hearing it's very buggy - not sure if it's worth it, even for the insane speeds.

  4. A store I used to work at got a shipment of Paul Rose (oxfords only), and it is identical to the N&F oxfords, as far as I can tell. Comparable price point too, I'm not even sure why he bothered making the same shirts with a different label. I can't weigh on the denim though, since we didn't order any.

  5. Picked this guy up a few months ago on sale:


    Things I have Learned in My Life So Far - Stefan Sagmeister

    It's interesting and has a strong concept, not much text and some of the pieces fall flat IMO, but I just really like Sagmeister's attitude!

    I've been reading through Looking Closer 5 (writings from 2001-2005) and it's got some good stuff. Also just started "Obey the Giant" by Rick Poyner, very good so far; it doesn't just examine the design profession from within like a lot of design books do. It has a bit more a crossdisciplinary approach by looking at how design interacts with and shapes our world from a wider context than just design.

  6. Quality is super weak, bought one to use in a pinch since it was so cheap, had the seams coming apart within a weak - the pleather has held up well but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before it's gross and cracking.

  7. Call it fantasy if you want, that's nitpicking and besides the point - it's a classic film at this point. They're great movies that myself and many others love dearly and rewatch often, far from being "sick of". But those posters aren't great because of the movies themselves. It's all about the movies' iconic imagery and characters, which those posters did a effective job of highlighting. I definitely don't see anything wrong with pastiche when it is well done (like these posters are).

    Also, none of those posters are from flickr, but just so you don't leave disappointed:









  8. how can anyone not be sick of star wars by now.

    it's a classic science fiction film with iconic characters and memorable imagery. that's how. was tempted to neg for such a dumbass opinion, but felt it'd be too petty...

  9. bored with the internet means you're doing something wrong. seriously, there is so much content on the web, it's fucking mind boggling. 17% of the world's population connected to each other, daaamn.

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