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  1. Nuts. What happened to my post?

    Anyway, to reiterate what was lost:

    I've just joined, because I had no idea that you could do to denim, what I've been doing to 15oz moleskins for the past decade (wearing them in for months without washing and maximising favourable wear patterns to give it a unique look). Collection's small, but it's a start, and I guess I've got my obsession for the next decade.

    Thanks for reading.


    ps. I've only owned three pairs of jeans before this. A pair of Jeanswest 'fits best' straight leg jeans (sydney siders would know what I'm talking about), a pair of super washed irregular loosefit levi - somethings, and a pair of Jordache - given to me when I was 12, which I grew out of in a few months. All the jeans in my closet were bought in the last 2 months - with no end in sight! (A pair of RRL slim bootcuts are somewhere over the Pacific right now)

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