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  1. I'll be going there for the first time in this coming summer!! I'm so exciting!! I've been saving my money to do the shopping in NewYork ever since 2 month ago. However, I'm having some troubles with finding hotels to live. I've searched hotels on expedia.com and the hotel price varies from 50 dollars to 200+ per night... I used to live in LA, and i know that living in Beverly Hills would cost 200+ per night and maybe 50- per night in venice area..... I guess that's also how it works in New York.

    Any recommendation on hotels in NY, that's safe and yet not pricey? I wanna spend as little as possible on hotels so I can spend on shoppings as much as possible. Thx for all the inputs in advance.


    My budget for hotel is about 50/night.

    Also which specific area shall I be looking at?

  2. Shall I get Nudie SJDJ or Dior Homme 19cm Japan?

    Dior in rodeo drive gonna have another shipment coming up sometimes around wednesday and the salesperson told me that he will have few pairs of 31's 19cm japan. It costs $295 dollars plus tax. I tried it on last weekend, I'm really digging the look (I tried on the black on tho, but i love the fitment).

    I used to have Nudie SJDB in size 32 but the waist was a bit too loose for me. I like it very much too, but now I want to get a size 31 Dry Japanese. Costs $200 dollars on revolveclothing ( Or anyone know where to buy it with cheaper price?)

    Also, summer is approaching, I don't know what t-shirt to go with the jeans too. Kinda depressed about it, cuz all i can think of is a white crew-neck shirt (probably gonna buy levi's white crew-neck shirt, 22 dollars for 3.) Or any recommendation on plain crew/v-neck shirt that is midium-high quality?

    Thx to all the comments in advance.

  3. Really love my NS, but I only size up 1 so it was kind baggy, so I hot soaked it, now the fit is perfect but I lost the new raw denim's shining effect and all that. So I was thinking to order another APC which fits similar to NS (slim, taper). Can you guys give me som suggestions. Thanks

    New cures.

  4. What size are those. How's the fit a month later?

    Size 30. My true waist is 32. It was hard to begin with, i had to jump into the jeans. But now the waist is really loose, probably it is 31 now. I could've gotten size 29 i think, but well, i still like my jeans :D

  5. Wow...you're a lot harder on your jeans than I am! I've been wearing mine for about the same amount of time and mine have no fading whatsoever...do you wear them to a physical-labour related job everyday??? :confused:

    No I'm just a college kid that sits in library like 3 hours a day. However, i rock my jeans from 10 in the morning until i go to bed; I even wear it when i'm at home.

    U can spray starch on the jeans to speed up the process, it works for me

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