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  1. As a point of reference for all, I'm 5'10'' and weigh 160, normally wear a 32 and sized down to 29.

    They've now stretched out to a comfortable size (and as I said before) so I put a belt on and they haven't stretched anymore.

    I can post fit pics if people are interested (I did my first soak this weekend tho)

    yea plz :D

  2. SD, those are coming along great. Put more wear into them! May I ask what you had in your back left pocket?
    danm... i personally don't understand why some carry their cellphones in their back pockets... aren't you guys afraid of cracking the screen or whatever? that's how i broke my nano... RIP nano.

    I have a flipphone so it doesn't haunt me. However, my cellphone is white, the denim bleeds on it tho haha

  3. Bough it 4 months ago but only been worn twice. Too small for me. Size is 32X34. Not really sure about the length tho, its about one to two inches shorter than my APC NS. Really slim fit.

    I bough it for 180, and now i'm selling it for $145. Willing to take any other resonable offer. Its a nice pants but since I don't wear much of it, I figure out i'd liquidate it.







    Across the waist is 17 inch

    Tag size is 32

    legs length about 75 cm (30 inch)

    Total length is about 34-35 inch

    I'm 5'11 165lbs :)

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