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  1. I've got a white EU 44 German Army Sneaker for sale, condition is 7/10. Pix upon request. Willing to sell it for 60 dollars + shipping. I'm located in San Diego. I wear Converse Allstar size 10, GAS is still slightly too big for me. So I would say if you wear Converse Allstar 10.5, it should fit you well

  2. Moving from Los Angeles to San Diego about one year ago (because of school), I have to say that San Diego is like a shopping hell..... This place is so dead...

    I do most of the shoppings in LA, and I do go to LA frequently.

    If there is anything that u really want, let me know, I can drop by P.S for you to pick up stuff (with little commission of course :D )

  3. This has always been one of the most bullshit phrases to ever have been spoken (I don't know how many people I have heard use this). Anyone who actually thinks this isn't really from LA.

    Not only is there not even such a thing as 'without traffic', but 'anywhere in LA' covers a shitload of miles.

    this man speaks the truth

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