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  1. Nom de Guerre Dry Selvage - Rather slim leg with a fairly tight waist, so you should go true to size or possibly size up 1 for a slightly more relaxed look. Mid rise with a straight leg. Haven't had much experience with the fading, so I can't comment on that. The indigo color is kinda neat and a little grainy looking. Has hidden back pocket rivets.

    APC Hipster - Found under the womens section on the APC website. The fit is close to the New Standard with a 2 cm lower rise (1 less button) and a less tapered leg. It is selvage like the New Standard and all the same fit rules apply.

    Good Society Slim Leg Synthetic - Non-selvage with a very slim leg. Size down one to account for some stretch. The tighter fit throughout the legs results in sharp creases and ultimately decent looking combs. Low-rise. Good Society is part of Sling & Stones and is big in organic denim and fair labor.

    Good Society Straight Leg Synthetic - Similar to the slim leg, but with a looser fit.

    Kicking Mule Workshop Rocker - 13 oz denim with a mid rise. The denim feel is similar to most KMW. The fit is rather slim/skinny and I'd size down a bit to account for stretch.

  2. Kicking Mule Workshop 1980 Black - Rather rigid when you first get them, but should soften up. As with most black denim you won't see much fading, but there will be some over a long period of time. It has the redline selvage on the coin pocket that is typical of KMW. I found it fits rather true to size, but you can expect some stretching, so you can considering sizing down 1 (I did). Deer hide patch and black enamel coated metal. Low to mid rise.

  3. Just bought some new APCs. The thighs fit perfectly (slightly snug), the calves are a little looser than I expected, but I can't button the top button. I'm around an inch off. Sigh...

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