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  1. Iron Army (RIP) Sebastian Lamonte at 15 months or so. Wore the crap out of them for about 9 months, washed them, and since then they've been in rotation. Wore them for a long weekend in Texas soaking up horse sweat and spilled beer (see WAYWT), so they're gonna get washed, and then probably retired since I'm starting to wear a hole through the ass (damn knife-sharp butt-bones), in addition to the thrice-blown crotch and ripped cuff. I'll put up some post-wash pics when I've done the damn thing.


    Edit: link to my post from the first wash in August -


    Nice job. They look like they've served you well.

  2. Just a small update. I visited the family last weekend and decided to give the jeans a soak with a little Dr. Bronners. Start date: Nov. 9 - Pictures/soak date: Feb 22

    high res photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8762574@N03/sets/72157603986779689

    inside, presoak pictures aren't the greatest:

    Post soak pictures with wonderful sunlight - these came out a little lighter than true color, these jeans are still rather dark but with a nice blue coming through:

    And a poor quality fit picture:

    Wow, these are really great looking!

  3. The conventional wisdom is that you can size down 2 or 3 depending on whether you want a slim or skinny fit. So sizing down 2 is okay. Check first page.

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