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  1. n43101227_30577947_2903.jpg

    yeeeee. time to do work.


    im currently shooting my thesis film on a DVX100, unfortunately i was mislead by the 24P function, which is actually a fake effect added and is really 30i... was having issues, but still a great camera and built like a tank.

    mixes nicely with film in after effects.

  2. go to consignment shops, thrift shops. i got handmade cole haan paris repettos for $7. searching for them is half the fun.

    or commonass Stacy Adams off amazon or zappos.

    they have a longish toe without going off into elf zone or swear.


    $70 available in narrow "concord"


    $65 "perez"

  3. namoo plus, namoo n cloth, etc etc etc are all fakes, they keep switching their names because:

    a- ebay kicks them off

    b- nerds get their fake shoes and cry and give neg feedback

    the april77s are fakes, the diors are fakes, the raf shoes are fake. if its to good to be true, its because it is.

  4. 56547772rz7.jpg


    vintage jacket

    vintage sweater (not shown)

    april77 trousers

    cole haan paris repetto styles (not shown)

    scarf is made from some flannel childrens bed sheets i found at savers, cut and made into said scarf.

  5. they really want to be a sub-culture friendly brand and they wear their influences hard, but ive always enjoyed what they put out. the shirts and jackets are always things made by sears 1960-1989 and can easily be found at thrift stores, but their jeans and pants are still their bread n butter.

    icarus, i know what you mean, i have 5 pairs of their pants/jeans and everyone has a different sizing even though they are all joeys. gotta always try them on in person.

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