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  1. the whole Spock sideburns thing was big in the hardcore scene in the late 90s/early 00s being a big nod to the brit mod thing.

    look at pictures of paul weller in the jam, then look at pics of hardcore bands like carry on, american nightmare, and members of the locust and all that.

    went out of style when everyone started doing the wedge bangs emo thing.


    prob circa 00?


    circa 01?


    circa 80?

    just sayin

  2. outside of immediate boston area are the Savers stores in the trashy burbs and in rhode island. the seekonk savers is massive but the north providence savers has the best stuff.

    when i was at RISD for undergrad i used to go with my gf to savers every sunday and buy entire months worth of clothing for $10-15, so many great items. 90% of RISD is/was clothed in their stuff, part of the education in that school.

  3. Love the cut of the pants, but that image is the idealization of a period of distinct cultural hegemony; it's moralizing. There seems to be a policy of selective analysis when looking at Ivy style. Ah yes! The cricket sweaters look smashing with the slicked back hair in these old Kodachromes! The fact that our stylistic magpie-ism totally ignores the social aspect of dress and circumstance is problematic, especially at the level of wholesale adoption of a style. Fetishizing the styles of a privileged hegemonic cultural without grappling with the secondary effects of its expression seems to be pretty par for the course when it comes to this whole Ivy Style movement. I hate to sound off on your post, but the clarity of message in that piece is exemplary. Dudes just look like they are gearing up to go to a dance to fight some Italians in that wholesome Yankee way.

    Clearly, this can be found in many if not all fashion trends, especially high fashion. The laudatory nature of the whole industry is pretty noxious.Anyways, let's keep to re-integrating punks and skins back into mainstream culture through the style market.

    So, uh, clearly:


    blixa is a personal favorite of mine. legendary. ironic that after he stopped doing drugs, gained weight to a normal level, and cut his hair, that he ended up looking like the older brother of the singer from interpol.

    watch cave's "straight to you" video and watch blixa laugh at the camera.

  4. kadaku imports waxed cotton jacket. black. size small (36-38).

    this jacket is brand new in original shipping bag from australia, a great answer to belstaff and barbour. poor mans classic, wear it with a t-shirt or with a suit without breaking the bank.

    wear it belted or with the belt off.

    waterproof, warm, and lightweight.

    thornproof and city ready.

    a nyc style staple.

    $90 shipped usa, PM for other places


  5. take a standard pair of pants, cuff once, take your thumb and forefinger and grab the excess fabric and pinch over until its against the ankle. while holding access fabric, re-cuff pants twice. this will hold and be a 'carrot cut cuff".

    very 1980s.

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