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  1. Per Ljung

    Resolute retailer

    Hi, it’s still Covid-19 in Asia so Mr Hayashi has decided to postpone the visit to June 2023 instead of January as we said before. Will get back with more info later. Per Ljung note: We have now also style 711 in our shop. www.perljung.se
  2. Per Ljung

    Resolute retailer

    Hi, I am a new member and a retailer of Resolute denim in Malmö, south of Sweden. We are going to have a event in our shop in January 2023 with Mr Yoshiyuki Hayashi from Resolute. I will get back with the date. Anyone from this forum is off course welcome to enjoy. Regards Per Ljung
  3. Per Ljung

    Resolute retailer

    Hi Nils, Perhaps you speak Swedish, but I continue in English. Yes, Hayashi is planning to come to our shop in Malmö in January, but we have no date yet. It’s Pitti in Florence in January and when they are in Europe they wanted to visit us for a trunk show. I will let you know more later. Hope you could be with us at the time. Take care Per Ljung
  4. Per Ljung

    Resolute retailer

    Hi, I will let you know the date. Would be nice if you could come. So you have been in Malmö before, we’re you from?
  5. Per Ljung

    Resolute retailer

    Hello, I forgot…store name is Per Ljung and website perljung.se
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