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  1. ACRFan27


    Anyone got fit pics of the LA10-M? A review? I bought it today and am already waiting impatiently for it to arrive.
  2. ACRFan27

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Selling my J1B-GT from FW21. Size XL. All accessories and packaging included. Worn a few times and washed once with NikWax and properly dried and taken care of. In excellent condition. Looking for $1375.
  3. ACRFan27


    This new cinching drawcord system at the waistline. Are the p-50 pants oversized in the waist and meant to be cinched in? Or is it just a sort of an element used to give you the convenience of not having a belt? i see that the drawstring cords are on the upcoming p44 as well and would love to know. Thanks.
  4. ACRFan27


    Are the P23-As coming this fall?
  5. ACRFan27

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Sellling j68-PL multi in XL for $1350. Can send PayPal invoice.
  6. ACRFan27


    Does anyone know if the SP29 will be an oversized waist with a cinch down (ala p30 and p31s) or if it will be a regular size waist. Are we meant to go by our inseam length or waist? The new cinchable one sided waist-belt is throwing me off.
  7. ACRFan27


    I couldn’t agree more with Taylor Swift. I have a good amount of ACRNM shells and the J96 has become my go to. It’s 3L gore tex pro, but the jacket feels significantly lighter to me than past gore tex 3L shells. I expected the jacket to be in the closet until the colder fall temperatures here in NYC, but I am wearing this almost every day riding on my bike in the city this spring. It’s very versatile in that I see it as both a spring stand alone jacket and a shell for the winter. I was very turned off by how oversized the J1W and the J91 were, but the oversized cut of the J96 is done really well.
  8. ACRFan27


    Just so everyone knows. If people are still looking for the blazer or need a second pair, kith has a full size run still in both on their site.
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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