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  1. On 1/11/2022 at 9:38 PM, Ciabatta said:

    Paraboot Michael owners: Did you go TTS or size down a half size? Everywhere I read said to size down half size and I did. My toes don’t hit right at the end of the shoe but they’re close. Heal definitely can feel loose so I can’t even imagine going TTS. Only issue I have is the toe box on one foot is tight but mostly from the top. Do these take a while to break in?

    I take my regular shoe size (45) & they fit fine. I do have their loafers in 44 & they've ended up being loose but still wearable.

  2. The time had arrived for another repair. Should have jumped on this one sooner but it seems to have worked out OK.

    I tried to follow the direction of the weave but it's hard to control the back-stitch function. I now understand why there are specific machines for this task.

    I also reenforced the earlier repair.








  3. Is anyone here getting involved with the Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome?

    I signed up at the last minute.

    Just got a pair of White's oxfords. No customization other than they did double stitching instead of the stock single. They did advise me on sizing based on a tracing of my feet.

    I was surprised to find I'm an 11.5 C. I knew about the C width but expected to be an 11. Apparently some things never stop growing...


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