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  1. Just washed my 1937’s for the first time (they had a tub soak on buying) fit came out pretty good. https://imgur.com/a/dDZXFRG
  2. just had another look at those grey jeans I am wearing there, those were Calvin Klein jeans my mam found in the bargain bin at The Big W.. they were only £10! they started out really black, and I remember the tags had something saying that these jeans are "designed to fade fast, and go out looking incredible." so really, you could say those were a first pair of raw denim. for me.. but I washed them probably every week, so no "sick fadez"...apart from the train track selvedge fade. so also my first pair of selvedge jeans. The blue pair I am wearing are Wranglers, those also started as dark wash. fairly good vintage fades on those, from not even trying to go for a "vintage" fade.
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