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  1. 18 hours ago, futurecowboy2099 said:

    white -px looks so good and thats why I want j74 so bad. why is -px so rarely used by E? such a cool fabric. and polar tech alpha seems a lot more interesting than all the -ws pieces with primaloft

    Honestly white is a bit of a stretch. Whatever lights and camera settings they use on the site really misrepresent it imo. I’d say it’s more of a silver if anything. Cause it definitely looks weird to wear with actual white. Personally I rock it with off whites and pale colours like dusty rose or alpha green.  I love the px as an insulator cause it just slides so nicely under other layers, but the insulation in a lot of the px jackets is not nearly as warm as the ws equivalents. For example, my j50 is a heck of a lot warmer than my j74 or j78.  Personally I like ws for outer layers and px for inner layers. It’s a shame then j78 doesn’t come with an aux zip..

  2. I get the sense that people aren't really feelin the new drop, but honestly I really like these short shorts.  The cut and material are exactly what I'll be reaching for when the warm weather finally arrives.  I mean, yeah, the pockets are a bit too ambitious, and don't really hold things very comfortably.  Definitely wouldn't recommend running up a set of stairs with a phone in the phone pocket.  They look a bit dorky, and the hybrid fly / built in belt / no clasp is a little awkward.  And the snaps on the raid pockets feel like they're gonna be the main failure point.  But that being said, they're a lot more functional than my basic short baggies, and run a lot cooler than my SP9-E.  To me the is one of the more truly summer oriented offerings from ACR and I think they're gonna see a lot of wear.



  3. 28 minutes ago, SuE said:

    The Historically Accurate Way To Wash Your Wool Clothes lol


    Wow, today I learned. :laugh:  I dunno how well the delicate knit of the SM1 would hold up to all that stomping, but definitely good to know!

  4. 17 hours ago, hanzen1138 said:

    Iirc you're not supposed to wash it. The wool has "self cleaning properties" apparently and while there were instructions on the tag, I'd ignore those. Hand wash it if you really have to - I've done this before for my SM1 before letting it air dry and it came out clean without any fabric fraying or other integrity issues. Still nice and soft, too


    14 hours ago, eidolarr said:


    this is not the most recent season fwiw

    Thanks!  Really appreciate the info!! :biggrin:

    Unfortunately it fell off on a skating trail that makes a 1.5km loop and it took a while to make it back around and locate it.  By then it had been picked up by someone and thrown in a snow bank lol.  I think the self cleaning property is similar to the anti-microbial stuff that merino has, but this is just general dirt and debris.  I'll try the hand wash as suggested and hope for the best.

  5. Does anyone happen to have the wash instructions for the SM1-AK?  The tag was annoying so I cut off the stitches holding it on and put it somewhere for safe keeping.  Apparently so safe I can't find it anymore..

  6. 13 minutes ago, Reylius said:

    nope, just if there were other things to know from your experiences beside the instructions. I thought i was clear, it seems not

    Nope, instructions are all you need.  Washed my P10-E's a few times now as per instructions after some substantial thrashing and they came out perfect every time.  Still water repellant and basically same hand feel as brand new.  Hope they'll work into something a little softer (quieter?) in time though!  Also note that I've been doing what the tags say on all my ACR stuff for years and never had a problem.

  7. 5 hours ago, Wklcarl said:

    WTB for Leo the Giant:

    j25-WS XL condition minimum 9/10 needed

    or any similar WS may arouse his interest, pm me, I will do the translation.


    ig: acrnm.force





    J81 still available in XL on the mother site.  IMO it's the natural successor to the 25 and the better jacket of the two (I own both).  Also seems to fit about a size and a half larger than the 25 which might be better for giants..

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