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  1. Fhstx


    ngl J84-S looks really nice, looking forward to it
  2. Fhstx

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    another seller feedback~ Huge shoutout to the one and only @Wklcarl Had a really smooth transaction with him, was super helpfull and responsive throughout our deal. Jacket arrived today, ofc everything as described. Don't hesitate to do business with him !
  3. Fhstx

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    forgot your price
  4. Fhstx


    Posted a quick first impression of the 3A-5 on the discord already but I figured I'll post this here again.. The white inner compartment is completely removeable, aswell as the inner two front pockets and ofc the laptop sleeve. If you remove everything via the velcros its like the usual 3A xpac inside. The cover flap is really thick and heavy, but I feel like the bottom should have been reeinforced a bit more because the bottom is also just regular xpac thickness. The cool thing is you can either put the laptop sleeve behind the inner compartment, carry it over/inside the inner compartment or you can attach the laptop sleeve at the fixed velcro on the cover flap extension and completely remove the inner compartment, which only leaves the sleeve and 2 inner pockets. As expected, 3 point system feels good and certainly does a good job. All of the buckles are still pretty stiff and require a bit more force to open, which is normal I guess. If you pull all of the buckles up you can fit a good amount of stuff inside, especially If you remove everything including the laptop sleeve (fr its huge). The Front pockets can nearly fit a 1l arizona tea (2cm too short, was the only bottle I had rn lol). Like already shown in the product pics you can put up to three mods around the bag, one on each side and one at the front. You can also tighten the top with a via elastic band which you can pull on a little raf fabric on the right side. You also have a little loose strap on the inside of the bag, in the middle. To acces it, you have to remove the inner compartment + the two inner pockets (its under the velcro line). I'll show pics of some details around the velcro system on the inside, overall details of the bag and strap system and fitpics with various loads and different strap carry. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pwkfumwx7twvjm0/AAC-1eXo92prDqb59O15v21pa?dl=0&m= Fitpics where the bag has near no structure are taken with everything removed and only my 3a-1 l2 as weight inside. The pics where the bag shows structure and the cover is completely closed are with everything attached on the inside + 3a-1 as additional weight and rubber band tightened. One thing thats interesting is that at the bottom of the laptop sleeve is printed the following: "2017 3A-5TS"
  5. Fhstx


    My experience is from the P10A-E, still the same material so I thought I'd share it. I got caught in 2 heavy downpours since I have the pants and It started to "fail" me in places where water couldnt run off as fast, which is directly on top of the cargo pockets, next to the zippers or at the beginning of the zippers (in the corner on top of the pocket). After that the water seeped through some spots in my knee/shin area where the fabric stacked but that was after ~10mins of constant rain. Everything else wasn't a problem for the material, water only seeped through in those 2 occasions.
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