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    Wore my alpha green pair everyday for a week and I haven't noticed any kind of wear or pilling on them yet. Need more time to judge the durability. I'm quite happy with the fabric for now..I like the overall feel and drape.
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    Stotz kind of breaks in after a while but it wont stretch, even if it does kind of give in it wont be noticeable. My J1B-S feels a lot different after ~2 years of wear and lost the kind of stiffness it had when I got it. The J36 will also soften up a bit, but it takes some time. About the cuffs, it depends how tight you really want it. If you tighten it normally and fold the material at the beginning of the velco it will be just right. But I'm afraid there isnt a good way to tighten it even more without the velcro sticking out.
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    Price was 1.627€ including VAT.
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    Had the same on a different order from them. Expected delivery date came like 1-2 days after my label was created.
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    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J62-S size L Edit: corrected size
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    I'm really curious how the Infinium fabric is gonna perform, especially in the durability.