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  1. Did a search and didn't get any hits so pretty sure this hasnt been brought up for discussion before...

    Looks like MSCHF is doing a collab release with acr... Not really feeling these myself, but have a look and see for yourselves.. like a bizzaro version of the AF1's, done in MSCHF's typical wavy style.



  2. 21 minutes ago, eidolarr said:

    You hear why? They run a sale?

    Everyone was running sales this year.. E would have to cancel way more retailers than just Haven if he was actually cracking down on sales.

  3. 1 hour ago, mariahscarry said:

    Retailers who have carried Acronym for more than a decade such as Haven have stopped carrying the brand, this alone speaks volumes. 

    Seeing Haven not pick up this season was definitely an eyebrow raising moment. I've found myself more and more feeling like the aesthetic of Acronym is diverging from what I am looking for in technical garments, despite the recent turn towards graphical elements being something that I didn't mind (reminds me of earlier-era Acronym, more specifically the louder 3A items back in early 10's). Coincidentally enough, the more straight-forward, practical, workwear inspired looks that Haven is doing with their in-house label seem to be what I'm more drawn to now.

    After so many years of observing the various ebbs and flows of Acronym's design language, I think we all need to come to terms with the idea that the clothes will always reflect the ever-evolving tastes of the few handful of people behind their design. This time around, its studs and spikes, a couple of years from now, will be something entirely different. It is what it is.

  4. Just this year I’ve seen more than one retailer put acr on deep discount (over 50% off). Thought there was a policy against that? Anyone know if something has changed? Are we in a new era of acr sales at retail?

  5. 59 minutes ago, Yamato2800 said:

    I have seen a lot of people saying that P10s are their favorite ACR pant. What shoes to do you wear with yours? I find them so skinny that only a few pairs of shoes I own look good with them such as Vapormax and City socks.

    Slimmer mid and low-top sneakers. I tend to avoid the “chunky” sneaker look with these. Other than that, I’ll wear them with boots during the winter. My go-to pair are the combat boot Chelsea’s from SISP 6619 (the ones with the white soles)

  6. 8 hours ago, segue said:

    if you had to pick 1 acrnm shell, one liner, one pant/short to rock for the rest of your life, what would it be? y?

    J38, J58, P10

  7. 4 hours ago, thehumanreisberg said:

    Hi, I would like to know if the Acronym Air Force Downtown Hi is true to size? I’ve read that a lot of people went down a half size. 
    My Nikes are always size 11, now I am wondering if I should stay with 11 or go for 10,5. And yes, I have flat feet


    I’m usually between a 11.5 and 12 in AF1’s. First pair of downtowns I got were 11’s and I got rid of them because they felt too narrow. Got a pair of 11.5’s and they were okay. Got another colourway shortly after in 12 and I tend to prefer the 12’s. 

  8. Dunno how many people this will be relevant to on here, but just got lucky on my trip to Tokyo the other day at Nubian in Harajuku. Bunch of pieces on sale up to 50% off in store. On the site looks like it’s capped at 40% off. Also a few pieces available only in store.

  9. 12 minutes ago, thehumanreisberg said:

    Alright, here is the short story of Acronym pants and me. Was super hyped for P23A, went for length and bought a large. Couldn’t cinched the pant to my waist. 55cm to 40cm waist. It doesn’t work, imo it’s possible to cinch down about 10cm, but not more. 
    So i am thinking to go to Medium or even Small. Buy some DrySkin and bring it to a tailor.

    Anyone walked that path before? 

    Have you considered getting a tailor to add belt loops to your current pair? That could be the simplest solution. Cinch them down as far as they’ll go and make up the difference with a belt. That’s how I get my P23A-S to work for me. 

  10. For those who are wondering what the NG4-SS ear holes look like, here’s a photo: 


    The material is definitely more substantial compared to PS. Bit less stretch to it. Feels like it would be about as warm as PS though. Didn’t get a chance to wear it out in the cold however. Decided to return it as the fit was just too tight for my face.

  11. 3 hours ago, IzunaK said:

    If anyone’s still looking to cop a J90 in black, Darkside Initiative has some in XS-M. Got an L for myself. Fingers crossed the sizings right, lol

    Copped the last L off of Haven. Wanted to support local  this time around, pandemic and all... hoping my gut feel to size up is right too. Based the decision off of my size M J58, which sometimes feel a little bit restrictive and short.

  12. Been waiting for the next J1 iteration to cop, but looks like no hood this time around (no attach points on the collar that I can see), and not a fan of the boonie hat. Guess I’ll be waiting a bit longer. 

  13. 28 minutes ago, junkie_dolphin said:

    So I'm guessing you went with large?

    Kind of funny, but after combing this thread for sizing references, I still don't really know how I should size as a 6'1" skinny dude.

    6'4" here with a 32/33-inch waist. I got my p23a-s' in L because i was concerned about length. The -S work for me only because they have belt loops, but then theres a lot of excess material in the waist that you kinda have to figure out what to do with... not sure how the -DS are in comparison as I dont have first-hand experience with the dual locking buckle system thats on them. I've heard they cinch down tighter than the Stotz ones? Length-wise, they're... okay i guess. Could use an extra inch or two to get a more baggy look like in the official product shots.

  14. 18 minutes ago, ArmandGLA said:

    So I am assuming the retails stores within the US that sell Acronym will have an up charge because of this?

    Likely. Additional costs like these often get passed on to the customer. 

  15. 2 hours ago, junkie_dolphin said:

    But I’m wondering what the experience has been for people in Canada when it comes to recent imports. What’s am I going to end up paying?

    Nothing other than the HST and UPS's brokerage fees ($10 usually)... unless the garments been produced anywhere other than the EU, then i think you're looking at around an additional 15%ish. The only example i have is of someone else getting their J1A last month and paying ~$600. The taxes would have been about $300, so the remaining costs are the tariffs.

  16. I think the standout for me this time around is the J76.. the reworked interops is interesting-ish and the full-on storm hood makes it seem like the heavy-lifter of the lot, weather-wise. Not too sure about how that massive zip will feel in the armpit but my curiosity is piqued to say the least.

    Sleeve zip detail on the J41 is very nice. Looks like the V in GTV is now going to mean escape-zips (for in-car removal)? 

  17. 3 hours ago, deathrazr said:

    I don't know the exact amount but the UPS rep said it's over $600CAD. meaning full duties + provincial tax will be applied if the garment is made in China and not EU.

    Looks like the party is over for us Canadians...

    1 hour ago, CARLOOA said:

    Domestic or foreign production does not really mean anything inherent with regard to quality but moving abroad suggests something about E's business ethics. Honestly, I can’t believe my mans. I guess there's a reality where actual production limitation with machinery/tooling are the proximate cause of the move. Without more, I'm not going to be that naïve. For Errolson to retweet William Gibson religiously and express sympathy to the liberal causes of living wages and ethical capitalism especially concerning the clothing business, the move seems craven. Not like anyone really cared about the production though.

    I had the impression that this was a red line E wouldn't cross but I guess not.

  18. 9 hours ago, brainerd666 said:

    I’m pretty convinced that this iteration of DS is one of the best materials out there for a pair of pants.

    Couldn't agree with you more. I bought the same pair and have been wearing them constantly waiting for the eventual failure moment and nope, nothing yet. Best pants purchase I've ever made.

  19. 14 minutes ago, lopiteaux said:

    although not sure if the code applies to ACRONYM as they state "certain items excluded".

    Tried it. Doesn't work. Does work for Veilance though.

  20. 21 minutes ago, dreamboatjustsoul said:

    do you guys usually wear a bag under hardshell?


    Under a hardshell, yes. With Interops? No, never. It looks cool, but in practice, I've found interops just doesnt really make things easier or work particularly well, but thats just one man's opinion.

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