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  1. For those who are wondering what the NG4-SS ear holes look like, here’s a photo: 


    The material is definitely more substantial compared to PS. Bit less stretch to it. Feels like it would be about as warm as PS though. Didn’t get a chance to wear it out in the cold however. Decided to return it as the fit was just too tight for my face.

  2. 3 hours ago, IzunaK said:

    If anyone’s still looking to cop a J90 in black, Darkside Initiative has some in XS-M. Got an L for myself. Fingers crossed the sizings right, lol

    Copped the last L off of Haven. Wanted to support local  this time around, pandemic and all... hoping my gut feel to size up is right too. Based the decision off of my size M J58, which sometimes feel a little bit restrictive and short.

  3. Been waiting for the next J1 iteration to cop, but looks like no hood this time around (no attach points on the collar that I can see), and not a fan of the boonie hat. Guess I’ll be waiting a bit longer. 

  4. 28 minutes ago, junkie_dolphin said:

    So I'm guessing you went with large?

    Kind of funny, but after combing this thread for sizing references, I still don't really know how I should size as a 6'1" skinny dude.

    6'4" here with a 32/33-inch waist. I got my p23a-s' in L because i was concerned about length. The -S work for me only because they have belt loops, but then theres a lot of excess material in the waist that you kinda have to figure out what to do with... not sure how the -DS are in comparison as I dont have first-hand experience with the dual locking buckle system thats on them. I've heard they cinch down tighter than the Stotz ones? Length-wise, they're... okay i guess. Could use an extra inch or two to get a more baggy look like in the official product shots.

  5. 18 minutes ago, ArmandGLA said:

    So I am assuming the retails stores within the US that sell Acronym will have an up charge because of this?

    Likely. Additional costs like these often get passed on to the customer. 

  6. 2 hours ago, junkie_dolphin said:

    But I’m wondering what the experience has been for people in Canada when it comes to recent imports. What’s am I going to end up paying?

    Nothing other than the HST and UPS's brokerage fees ($10 usually)... unless the garments been produced anywhere other than the EU, then i think you're looking at around an additional 15%ish. The only example i have is of someone else getting their J1A last month and paying ~$600. The taxes would have been about $300, so the remaining costs are the tariffs.

  7. I think the standout for me this time around is the J76.. the reworked interops is interesting-ish and the full-on storm hood makes it seem like the heavy-lifter of the lot, weather-wise. Not too sure about how that massive zip will feel in the armpit but my curiosity is piqued to say the least.

    Sleeve zip detail on the J41 is very nice. Looks like the V in GTV is now going to mean escape-zips (for in-car removal)? 

  8. 3 hours ago, deathrazr said:

    I don't know the exact amount but the UPS rep said it's over $600CAD. meaning full duties + provincial tax will be applied if the garment is made in China and not EU.

    Looks like the party is over for us Canadians...

    1 hour ago, CARLOOA said:

    Domestic or foreign production does not really mean anything inherent with regard to quality but moving abroad suggests something about E's business ethics. Honestly, I can’t believe my mans. I guess there's a reality where actual production limitation with machinery/tooling are the proximate cause of the move. Without more, I'm not going to be that naïve. For Errolson to retweet William Gibson religiously and express sympathy to the liberal causes of living wages and ethical capitalism especially concerning the clothing business, the move seems craven. Not like anyone really cared about the production though.

    I had the impression that this was a red line E wouldn't cross but I guess not.

  9. 9 hours ago, brainerd666 said:

    I’m pretty convinced that this iteration of DS is one of the best materials out there for a pair of pants.

    Couldn't agree with you more. I bought the same pair and have been wearing them constantly waiting for the eventual failure moment and nope, nothing yet. Best pants purchase I've ever made.

  10. 14 minutes ago, lopiteaux said:

    although not sure if the code applies to ACRONYM as they state "certain items excluded".

    Tried it. Doesn't work. Does work for Veilance though.

  11. 21 minutes ago, dreamboatjustsoul said:

    do you guys usually wear a bag under hardshell?


    Under a hardshell, yes. With Interops? No, never. It looks cool, but in practice, I've found interops just doesnt really make things easier or work particularly well, but thats just one man's opinion.

  12. 6 hours ago, junkie_dolphin said:

    I enjoyed the actual interview bits. Some new info (for me at least) in there.

    I definitely perked up when Errolson said they have 40-something Kit-1's sitting in a warehouse somewhere. Hit him up on twitter about it and he said there's no chance of getting one. LOL.

  13. 23 minutes ago, segue said:

    LOL i feel you.  ng4 was a suprise for me too, thought the product photos were just using the ng3.  but from the presto corp promos, looks like the ng4 might come out in white as well? is there only 1 drop fw? thought it was 2

    Definitely going to be another drop. Still waiting on the J1As, the P30A-DS and who knows what else

  14. 2 minutes ago, vir2L said:

    Since when?

    Since CETA was implemented September 21st, 2017 :) - My P10-DSs and 3A-5TS that ive bought since then have been $0 customs/tariffs. Just had to pay 13% HST upon arrival.

  15. Surprise(-ish?) drop of the NG4-PS - it was in the pics, but not explicitly mentioned in any of the droplists leading up to today. Went like hotcakes on mothersite, natch

  16. 21 minutes ago, chillwaveplaylist said:

    Haven won't be doing an in store release for Acronym. You can ask the guys in the shop to try stuff on, but it will likely already be gone. 

    Good to know. Thanks dude.

  17. 1 minute ago, shinnanju said:

    Good luck man, i cinched it down and it was still a bit loose. 

    Thanks. My only option might end-up being going with a p23 variant that has belt-loops, which is a shame because my preference would be the P23A-DS

  18. 16 minutes ago, shinnanju said:

    If you live close by i suggest just going in before they drop it online, sells out fast. P23'S fit really werid, i'm usually 32-33 so in between med/large and M p23's fit hella big waist wise and small is perfect for me.

    Yeah, im a 32 as well, but my main issue is length. I'm 6'4" so i need to account for that primarily, given that the waist on P23s is meant to cinch down. Anyways, i'll see if they wont mind me trying on a M and an L to compare.

  19. 2 minutes ago, shinnanju said:

    P23's are going to be $2020 CAD at haven.:ph34r: Wed drop date i believe.

    Anyone here been to Haven on drop day to check out new stuff live and in person? Is it worth it or does it sell out so fast online that they don't even put it out on the floor? I wouldnt mind going down just to size some pieces up (still trying to figure out if im more of an M or L in P23s in general).

  20. 1 hour ago, Sureal said:

     Also, whats with those snaps on the sleeves?  

    Those snaps allow you to connect the J72 to a shell. The zipper on the back of the collar also zips into the collar of a shell and the two pieces act as one.

  21. 1 hour ago, Voyager said:

    Interesting observation from the Hotoveli dropbox: J63A-FO is apparently a liner piece. It has the collar zip on the outside as well as the snaps on the cuffs

    Yep, also the J74-PX - has the aux snaps on the hood as well - looking forward to seeing that with a shell over it

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