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  1. Hey guys, im selling size small Acronym Prestos in Bamboo: size 9.5 US AF1 Downtown Hi In the black/olive colorway: Message me here for a lil discount.
  2. Hey guys, im selling size small Acronym Prestos in Bamboo: size 9.5 US AF1 Downtown Hi In the black/olive colorway: Guerilla Group meme tank: in size Large. Message me here for a lil discount.
  3. I was thinking I'd use a mixture of black, green, tan, and brown. I emailed the Rit dye folks asking for a color formula and they gave me navy and kelly green, but that just seems way off from what I want. Got any pictures of how yours turned out? I'd love to see how that green pair took the dye.
  4. Just picked these up off grailed. Anybody have any idea what collection these were from? I don't remember there being a cool grey woven pant, especially one with black panels, but these appear to be just that. I am thinking of trying to dye these to the RAF green shade of olive that acronym uses, does anyone have any experience dying the ACG DWR cotton?
  5. Big thank you for the heads up. I was able to cop the bucket from BDGA before they sold out, hopefully the order will be fulfilled.
  6. Where did you see the alpine for $350?? I've been wanting to pick it up for a while but I only see it on ebay/grailed/sufu/FB for around 5-600
  7. Hi guys, got some Nikelab Essentials Utility Pants in Size L (34-36) for sale. They have an adjustable ankle opening, adjustable waist, and are made from a DWR material (I believe it is the exact same material found in the F/W ACG pants, as I have both). Let me know if anyone has questions. Selling for $95 shipped OBO. *Fit pics are not my own.
  8. Hey guys selling some stone island sock darts that I modified by cutting the strap and adding laces. Selling for $120 shipped to US OBO, let me know if you're interested.
  9. Hi guys, does anyone know if there is a place I can purchase these quick release fasteners that ACR uses in a quantity <10 that ships to US? I need 2-3 for a small project I am doing, but the only place I have found that has anything similar is here: however, they only ship that product within the EU. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. The quickest giveaway is the zipper pulls. Some of the fakes have decent looking zippers on the front of the jacket, but I have yet to see one with the correct zipper pulls on the gravity pocket. The fakes have generic looking black metal zipper pulls with large openings like the first image, whereas real ACR have zipper pulls like that of the second image.