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  1. Can barely see the strap, given how the picture is taken
  2. pls start applications now, i'd love to apply!
  3. Yeah, you can either use this link here: Or open up any acronym item, and hit Price Comparison then modify the filters to show everything and use the search to find whatever it is you're looking for
  4. Shopify is no better, if you know your way around and can generate links for items, you can view the XML and just create yourself auto ATC links. Bots also go hard on Shopify sites,since there's no captcha or hash in the link to help prevent bots.
  5. Damn, at first I just thought it was a site tracker that took note of prices and what's dropping and where but if it's getting stock numbers too thats insane, really great work here man
  6. I'm not sure if it's been asked or not, but does stotz shrink?
  7. size down half a size, just like the lunar forces.
  8. I understand that smalls are probably more desired but c'mon 3k for the TS when the GT hardly sells for over 2k? I'm even surprised someone actually paid 2340 for it,
  9. cute
  10. My MZ3s got delivered today, can't wait to leave work and go home to 'em
  11. I really hope this is true, I had the money for a J1A-GT but the last one was bought off acrnm just before the DAF drop.
  12. How much was retail?
  13. My 3A-MZ3-BLK is coming in today, just paid the duties online, 52 CAD, I honestly was expecting more think I paid more for my prestos when I got 'em off acrnm site.
  14. How about an approximate time? I need some time to pad my wallet before i go ahead and blow it all on more mods and maybe a jacket
  15. When you say second release, as in a second drop, or just a restock of what is currently there?