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  1. You two were made for each other
  2. Not sure if anyone saw this but taking it from the facebook group, creds to OP I know there isn't much selection but in my experience, acronym doesn't go on sale often. 25% off with code sale25.
  3. hole-ly shit
  4. For the tall boys of sufu
  5. So I've been doing some digging up on the DWR spray on vs the DWR wash in, what are your guys' preference? What works better for you guys? That arcteryx video points to a spray, but common thing on the internet says the DWR wash-in covers your coat much more evenly. Also what brand, again the video points to Granger's but I'm not entirely sure
  6. Wrong thread mate
  7. I don't think there would be much of a problem, but i'm just speculating.
  8. Correct me if i'm wrong someone, but isn't this the packable jacket? Edit: Yeah its the packable jacket, so leaving it packed up is fine
  9. WTS J62 one of a kind, pockets big enough to store sandwich and a passport
  10. Sorry thats a huge deal breaker
  11. I grabbed a 10.5 KMTR obsidian off the site, and grabbed a black one in a 10 off the bodega site. Was planning on returning the obsidian KMTR but if anyone wants it here take it for retail + shipping & fees
  12. is this u @Kamikaze
  13. I wish I shelled out the 300 USD for another pair of prestos before they jumped by 300 USD
  14. What's length like for XL?
  15. I'm surprised it went that cheap on yjp, all the hype stuff there is always so costly, compared to here. Can get cheap yohji/undercover though