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  1. 2 minutes ago, silat_hd said:

    If you intend on keeping the pants for yourself for an extended period of time, I would recommend sourcing a trusted local tailor. Have acr ship the zip or replace with another YKK or something accessible. Depending on how the zip is broken, it shouldn't be too difficult of a fix.

    If you send back to acr, you would know that the craftsmanship is up to factory standard. This is especially a good idea if you intend to resell, but who knows when you'll get them back.

    I typically buy with the intentions of keeping for as long as humanly possible, so I either repair myself or find a suitable tailor. Supporting local and also not flying a pair of pants across the planet is good for everyone.

    Best of luck!

    Thanks man, I bought them on release and have been wearing them constantly since,will not be selling them. 2 teeth on the main zip "broke off" so it would need the zipper replaced. I was just wondering if something about the construction/paneling around the zipper or stitching is special in any way that could cause a tailor issues. Probably best to just take them there and ask. 


  2. Does anyone have any experience replacing the main crotch zipper on acronym pants? 

    The zip on my P10TS-DS broke and I need to get it fixed. Was given 2 choices by acronym, to send it back for repairs (but they said they were quite busy so it might take a long ass time) or they could send me the zip and get it fixed at a local tailor. 

    Is there something special about the construction of that area, that would make me rethink taking it to a local tailor? Or is it a simple enough process where it would be hard to fuck up? 

  3. WTB: 

    J61-GT size M

    P26-S size M, black 

    J48-BR size M 

    good condition preferable but more worn down ones are fine as long as the price reflects it

    For trade (not sale) J56-GT size M, around 8/10 condition, + all accessories


  4. WTT: J58-WS size M near perfect condition aside from snap buttons showing wear. 

    For: J50-WS or J50-S black size M + possible cash

    Possibly also considering other warm winter liners that I haven't thought about yet.

    Criteria: Should be wearable enough on its own, and warm enough for -1 to -10 celsius weather. 

  5. WTB:

    J28-K, Blue, Green or Red size M

    P17-DS M 

    Any conditions as long as the price reflects it.  

    Have for trade: 

    P23-S, Black size M 9/10

    J56-GT, size M 8/10, just general wear

    S19-BR, M, good condition. 


    WTS: P23-S, Black M, 9/10, 1100 Eur

    Shipping to/from Finland

  6. WTB:

    P10-CH, Black, size M

    P10-DS size M

    J28-K, Blue, Green or Red size M

    Any conditions as long as the price reflects it.  

    Have for trade: 

    P23-S, Black size M 9/10 full pack

    J56-GT, size M 8/10, just general wear. full pack



  7. Read a while back that SS18 might not be happening, or at least no retailers are getting any stock. Does anyone have any new info on this? Your mans needs a new pair of P10's and can't wait another year for that. 

  8. Did the p23-s restock during this drop or did they just sell whatever was returned etc? Just a bit mad I missed the drop. Didn't pay attention to it since I thought only items that didn't drop on the first one would drop now. 

  9. WTB: P10-S/CH/DS size M in black. -S and -CH preferred. Might consider p10a's for the right price as well.

    WTT/WTS: P23-S black size S for size M, P10's in M + cash depending on condition, or 950 shipped within Europe. 

    Offers are also welcome. 

    Also looking for a 3a-3ts. 

    PM me with offers, or if you're interested. 


  10. Spoiler


    Every payment that got cancelled due due to an issue with my checking account, happened around 18.00 - 18.15, and these emails came in this order. Can anyone confirm its just a delay in the order cancelled emails, and just receiving them late and not my actual order being cancelled? every payment that failed happened well before I made the actual order that went through. I got the proper confirmation emails immediately after it went through. So it seems like only the cancellation emails have a delay. 

  11. If my payment actually didn't go through, when should I be expecting a refund? They haven't refunded anything yet so Im keeping my fingers crossed. Not expecting their customer service to respond anytime soon either. 

  12. 1 minute ago, robbatussin said:

    I would stay tuned. Something sold out while I was in the payment process via acrnm couple seasons ago - completed the checkout, received confirmations emails from both acrnm and paypal, but was forwarded a refund from acr a few hours later. 

    Well fuck me sideways then. I'll be pissed if I get refunded but also slightly relieved monetarily. 

  13. I bought the P23-S and a J58-WS. I had issues with my debit card during purchase, and I received the payment didn't go through during the PayPal transaction. Was able to fix it eventually, and the payment went through PayPal, and the amount has been taken from my Account. I received an order invoice, and an email confirming my Payment, but I also received a few Emails that said the Payment failed to go through. The money has been taken from my account, and the payment status is "completed" on PayPal. Did my Payment go through even though I received order cancellation emails?  is it just because I frantically spammed the check out a few times when it didn't work, and the cancellation emails took longer to get to me than the confirmation Email for some reason? really hope it went through...

  14. Spoiler




    The fit of the P23's in these 2 pics, makes them look wildly different. Did Lenny size down in one of them? or did he just pull them up higher? The shoes probably also contribute to how they appear, so I'm not too sure.  I like how they fit more in the shot with the J62-PB. 

  15. The regular P23's look cleaner than the TS version imo. And I haven't really gotten much use out of the TS on my P10TS.  But I'm considering sizing down to an S from an M. Anyone here sized down on their P23's and how did it work out? I'm  180cm (5"11) 155lbs , and the waist on my p10ts is kinda large already. I'd really like to avoid having to order 2 pairs to try on. Any help is appreciated. 

  16. Slightly off the current topic, but I have a slight issue with my p10ts-ds, the narrowest part of my waist is 84cm which is about a size 33, wear a size M in acr, and the waist on my p10's is pretty damn big, big enough that I can't wear them without a belt, and when i tighten the belt down, the waist crinkles, ans kind of "bulges" under the belt at some points. Is there any way to prevent this extremely superficial issue? it just kinda bugs me. 

  17. 7 hours ago, zork said:

    Does anyone know anything about the gaiter in the bottom right? I heard some rumblings that it had a hood, but from this picture it looks like it's got a bib.

    turn it around and now it has a cape. 

  18. WTS/WTT: Acronym x Nike Air Presto Bamboo, size XL (US12-13), I'm a size 12.5 and they fit great. 

    Condition is 8.5/10 Comes with OG box.

    450€ + shipping, European customers preferred, but willing to ship international.

    Looking for P23Ts-ch/s in size M, and 3a-3ts, in any conditons. willing to pay price difference

    Pm for more pics or questions/offers.