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  1. FS: J111TS-CH, Medium, Schwarzgrün - 9/10 Full Pack - $800 P32-DS, Small - 8/10 Full Pack - $700 P31-DS, Small - 9/10 Full Pack - $500 sold Pics here: https://imgur.com/a/dHJEAxv All prices USD, shipping included via DHL, prices F+F
  2. I like the j97 silhouette and was happy to see a wb400 makeup. I previously had a 48ss and liked the substantial and thick fabric with fleece backer for layering or stand alone, but I know when they re relaesed it the price was a bit crazy. 97-ss is made in portugal which is the first jacket I've seen out of there, I know shirts had been previously made there. 97m sleeves were always comically long so glad to see that be fixed here. Size M in both, fits just about identically just thicker and warmer
  3. WTT for: J99U-WS or J99-WS black or backer grey- size small can offer, full pack (for trade only): 3-a1 laminate j63-fo - medium j61gt v1 - small p24a-e - medium P32ds - small
  4. Last bump + drop to $600 shipped
  5. Size 2 Visvim Greely, Reversible wool pile liner in Olive Brand new with tags, garment bag Save you the trouble of importing from japan - purchased at retailer, fits big on me ended up getting a size 1 $1500 USD shipped worldwide via DHL more images here: https://imgur.com/a/doFNSU6 measurements here: https://shop.visvim.com/0122205013009
  6. Bump + drop to $650 shipped
  7. I think you have that backwards, 91 definitely fits larger - wide vs profile fit - I take a M in the 58 and size down to a S for the 91 personally.
  8. WTS SS19 P31-DS (non A, made in europe) - Size small 9.5/10 full pack, original owner $700USD shipped DHL worldwide, pp f+f highres here: https://imgur.com/a/JPe63P0
  9. 2017 SISP Convert Pants Size 44 (size small, fits a 30" waist) 7/10 condition worn and washed no flaws $400 shipped, more pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/l7WeQlH Sold
  10. WTS All Size Small, Prices in USD: SOLD J62-PB - $1200 - full pack, like new no signs of wear SOLD P22-DS - $750 - full pack, like new no signs of wear SOLD P34-S Raf - $800 - full pack, washed and worn, 7.5/10 condition, no holes or heavy fading more photos here: https://imgur.com/a/Yhsm4vg Prices include world wide shipping via DHL and f+f, buyer pays fees if g+s/invoiced
  11. Last buyer flaked, price down to $800 USD shipped will also trade for p44ds, xs, in black or raf
  12. Last bump down to $900
  13. Bump and Price dropped to $1000 USD net
  14. For sale: SS-18 P22-DS - size small (outseam measures 77.5cm) $1200 USD shipped DHL F+F, add 3% for g+s Condition 9.5/10 no visible wear, full pack, original owner More photos here: https://imgur.com/a/6ZdRweQ
  15. WTT SS18 P22ds, size small full pack for p44ds, black or raf, xs/s or p48ch, black, xs/s
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