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  1. I sent you P45A-E invoices 3-4 times because you want to do partial payments. Who is being ridiculous here wanting to split the bill into 4. You bought the P38 after I sent you the invoice for SK30. Asking multiple images constantly. Requesting invoices and never pay for them. Dont mess up the timeline. you are a mega waste of time. Just a friendly reminder, time is precious for you as chemo doesn't always work for everyone
  2. @Icarus_XVII please stop wasting time dealing with this member. Mega time wasting guy, ditched multiple invoices. Chicken out all the deals. But please continue buying from him to support his chemo
  3. WTS J86-GTB -Size S 1950 USD brand new full pack ( Below retail) SK30-DS - Size S 975 USD brand new full pack (retail) shipping included EMS tracked
  4. WTT J86-GTB Medium Brand new full pack For J74-PX Medium White(Only) 9.5+ fullpack Thank you very much
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