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  2. darkart

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Hello, you dont accept PM?
  3. darkart


    Agree with you. some more grailed key items possibly added to your list, 3A-12TS, J54-LP
  4. darkart


    would love you see how you do that. and fit pics as well. Thank you
  5. darkart


    The previous 3A-WB2 olive color says 144 cm on spec sheet. That means new 3A-WB2 is shorter. It says gen 1.1 on new 3A-WB2 specsheet and gen 1 on previous one. No any upgrade at all. For 3A-2, I compare it(new xpac 2019) with the og(olive green). Construction is completely the same. nothing changed apart from the type of zipper used at the mesh area, I dont have the L2 version to compare with but should be identical construction as well.
  6. darkart

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    this is a pretty old piece from old generation but condition is definitely not nearly perfect. Around 7/10 in my opinion. Firstly, patina everywhere and you can definitely see the crack at the top right near the shoulder strap area. Secondly, you need to be aware of the other side which is easily damaged after rubbing the user's back a lot.
  7. darkart


    Windstopper material for J68-WS is gore tex infinium different from J47A-WS windstopper material, more like J46U-WS. Collar is less rigid than J68-S. J68-S collar stands better and looks better.
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