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  1. 1 hour ago, andrewlb said:

    One piece I was curious to get folk's experience with: If 25F is the baseline for this, how well does this work as a late spring/early fall type of insulator as well? Eg. I have an Arcteryx Cerium LT, and that thing is weirdly applicable from 0C to around 20C. Is there a similar flexibility, or is it very much a winter-only jacket?

    i wear my 58 1.0 in the late fall to early spring here in Toronto, but not up to 20c. it’s definitely a warm jacket. but about 15c i’m into a sweatshirt and shell or -s jacket. 

  2. 1 hour ago, nodre said:

    after a 4 day handling period and two day transit period (transit was quick.. just took them 4 days to actually send it) to receive a retail ACR product in a large haven bag (to better accommodate the piece?) stuffed into a small box (then why the larger bag?) with a crinkled spec sheet.. i take issue with the whole transaction. not the kind of service (lack thereof) i'd expect after spending $900. AITA here? service was shit. 

    To be clear - I’m not defending them or denying your experience. That sucks.

    did you contact them about it?

  3. 5 hours ago, nodre said:

    does haven typically not include ACR bag with its crumpled spec sheet? not super thrilled with the shopping experience.

    I’ve always received the spec sheet and “official” ziploc from Haven along with their own branded baggie. But I’ve only bought from them in person at the store, so can’t comment on their mail order system.

  4. On 11/12/2019 at 10:33 PM, emenel said:


    My: P23TS-CH, Night, L. 8/10, no real issues except very slight and small fade at the top of the phone pocket.

    For your: P24A-S, Black, L or P10-S, Black, L. Similar condition. 

    Happy to talk details.

    Update -- 


    P23TS-CH, Night, L. 8/10, no real issues except very slight and small fade at the top of the phone pocket.

    Asking $1000 including shipping to North America, plus fees (or gift)

  5. On 9/9/2019 at 2:29 PM, emenel said:


    3A-5TS, black. Open to years/materials. 



    P15-CH, night, L, very good condition (minor fading around phone pocket) — $550

    3A-13TS, black x-pac, barely used, with bag/sheet/box — $1000 

    Prices now include shipping in North America.

    The 3a-13ts is an amazing bag, I’d be keeping it but I just got a 15” laptop so I need a larger bag to fit everything well...

  6. 7 minutes ago, X.bee said:

    What's this older P32 you speak of?

    Oh shit! Just realized that I got mixed up with the older p16a I think, which had a much smaller waist but similar silhouette and pocket placement. My mistake!

  7. 3 minutes ago, lopiteaux said:

    Per many previous posts in this thread, you should ignore the waist measurement for wide- and ultra wide trousers.

    The p32 in question is not wide, and in my experience has a very fitted waist... 

  8. 18 minutes ago, eyeheartny said:

    How come? The measurements look spot on in a medium so curious why you think so. The waist would be too big by nearly 2" in the Large and the outseam nearly 2" longer than I tend to need as well. 

    I’m a 5’11 and 34 waist and wear a L in all acrnm pants... but the old version of the p32 from a few years ago was even small in L for me... 

    I’m not sure how they measure vs how you are measuring, but with a size 35 waist I would get the L for sure based on all the other ones I own.

  9. FS: Briefing Dune messenger bag. No signs of wear, made of of extremely durable Denier nylon. Japanese design/company, made in USA.

    I great alternative to traditional messenger bag style, with great pocket design and options, quick adjust strap, stabilizer strap, and compression straps/snaps. 

    Asking $150 net.



  10. 9 hours ago, junkie_dolphin said:

    Guess no one liked the 3A-13TS?

    I actually really like the 13TS, but don’t want green. If they restocked in black I’d probably buy one. 

    Not as nice as the old 8TS in some ways, but the increased resale prices for the 8TS make the 13TS a much better value at this point... I’m not interested in paying collectors prices for a bag I want to actually use. 

  11. 9 hours ago, TEKsevenZERO said:

    always thought that the whole jacketsling thing was a little pointless, got in the way when wearing the jacket and never used it always felt restricted by it

    This is a good example of YMMV in real life. The sling is basically the only acr jacket “tech” that I actually use regularly, and I really miss it when I wear a jacket without it... The last few weeks traveling it was very useful since days would often start cold and rainy, then get hot. Saved me having to stuff the jacket in a bag or just carry it around. 

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