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  1. zxcvbnnn


    Gotcha. I run hot so maybe there's no getting around needing to wear shorts in summer, -E or no -E. The P24As are XS unfortunately!
  2. zxcvbnnn


    Anyone have experience wearing -E in cold weather down to -15Cish? thinking about liquidating P10A-S, P24A-S, and P30A-DS v1 for a single pair of pants that'd work for cold winters and +30C summers and unsure between P34-E/DS and P31A-DS. Figure both fabrics need a base layer at those cold temps so maybe I'd just be losing hot weather performance with a -DS pant?
  3. zxcvbnnn

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS - Black S24-DS-C, small. Worn < 5 times. $450 shipped NA, open to offers.
  4. zxcvbnnn

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB j89-ad S
  5. zxcvbnnn


    They're short tongue geos:
  6. zxcvbnnn


    really satisfied with the j68!
  7. zxcvbnnn


    Received my J1B in white! Comparing to my J28 1.2: Both are size small but J28 is quite a bit more generous, especially across the back and in the sleeves. Both will accommodate a J68 as a liner, though the J1B is more snug J1B hood sits probably an inch and a half ahead of the J28 hood, so the J1B provides much better coverage The J1B collar when zipped accommodates the J68 collar, also zipped, without being constricting The stand collar of the J28 doesn't stay nearly as neat as the J1B stand collar when unzipped I'm a little torn on losing the front pocket array of the J28. They definitely distorted the profile of the jacket, but it was super easy to access the main pockets + mezzanine pockets. OTOH, the J1B is much cleaner and I would say has similar storage space to the J28, but the pockets are more finicky to access since they're WR zips and on the sleeves rather than velcro and on the chest. All in all, I really like the J1B and will probably let go of the J28. @jeddyhsu what do you use the detached pockets for? Right now I've been thinking masks but unsure what others have found them best for.
  8. zxcvbnnn

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    this morning was brutal! WTT: J28GT S for J1B-GT white S
  9. zxcvbnnn


    Anyone able to compare J68 warmth to the J58 now that it's out in the wild?
  10. zxcvbnnn


    Anyone have spare strap keeper clips (e.g. https://www.amazon.com/DYZD-Multi-Size-Webbing-Backpack-Management/dp/B06VVXGNJF)? Snapped the one on my 3a and trying to figure out how to avoid buying a 5 or 10 pack when all I need is one....
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