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  1. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Anyone have post soak measurements for 33 and 34? I heard his next run is going to have the same sizing. Supposedly the 33 shrinks down to ~16.5inch waist and 12.5" thigh?
  2. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Anyone know where I can find a pic of the patch? Didn't see it on the last page nor on Roy's IG.
  3. railcar fine goods

    @Taylor_RFG I had a question about your Journeyman fit I was hoping you could answer (DM always welcome)... I see that most "athletic" fits that work for me have a large thigh 2" down, but (on average) measures just about the same at the crotch. I see Railcar's fit starts out large at the crotch, and then has a ~1" taper two inches down. Is there any benefit in doing that? I've always been interested in trying some jeans but worried it'll fit too tight despite it being roomy at the crotch e.g. 13" @ crotch going down to 12" two inches below vs 12.5" @ crotch and the same two inches down.
  4. railcar fine goods

    ^I'm on my third jar of pomade, and won't use anything else. You guys got the scent, hold and amount of shine just right. Customer for life! I don't usually use aftershave, especially because I barely grow any facial hair, but may give it a try eventually haha.
  5. Standard & Strange / Oakland CA / Info, Updates, Etc

    You're totally right! I hardly travel via BART anymore as a means of traveling to/from flights (as much as I despise Uber), so it totally slipped my mind. I definitely recommend Curbside Creamery if you trying to get some sweets as well. They're in the Alley where S&S used to be right around the corner! The whole area is such a legit spot.
  6. Standard & Strange / Oakland CA / Info, Updates, Etc

    Very easy. Quite a bit away if you're flying in to and coming from OAK or SFO, but it's basically a straight shot over the bridge from SF or on the 580/880. They're shop is located in the Temescal neighborhood on Telegraph Ave that spans across Oakland and Berkeley. Tons of cool shops, restaurants and local talent around there. Try and grab a chicken sando from Bakesale Betty if you're in the area.
  7. Left Field Jeans

    @BrennenCooke Damn those are looking good! 18oz Collect? I'm stoked to receive mines soon.
  8. Left Field Jeans

    Looks like we got size 32 measurements for the XinJiang and Nihon Menpu in the Charles Atlas fits online. The thigh measurements are fair bit smaller than normal (12.25-375, as opposed to 12.625/75), which makes me kind of sad. I wonder how Left Field determines the sizing for their releases... That's a great question. If anything I would think there would be a wider hue of blues.
  9. Left Field Jeans

    I thought the same as well when I got mine! Almost to the point where I thought they may have sent me the wrong pair, but under certain lighting I can see the similarities with the ones shown on their site. Maybe the more you wear it the more the color will start to match?
  10. Left Field Jeans

    Looks like they're saying the fabric from Xinxiang is better than most Japanese fabrics used on their IG, which is cool considering they're significantly cheaper than other offerings. Interesting to find out more info about it!
  11. Left Field Jeans

    Looks like Christian and co has some new midweight Greaser and Charles Atlas jeans available for pre order! Nice to see they worked out something with Nihon Menpu, and also interesting to see some fabric coming from China. Never heard of Xinjiang. @Left Field Maybe Christian or Jonny have some more info on the characteristics? From first glance without a size chart, they look to have less taper than normal, but maybe that's from the angle the photos were taken?
  12. Left Field Jeans

    Yeah man it would be sweet to have more people posting here again. I just copped some 18oz Black Marias in the Charles Atlas fit. My first time with denim from Collect Mills. After I'm done with my black denim from Tellason I'm gonna live in those for a good while.
  13. Standard & Strange / Oakland CA / Info, Updates, Etc

    Flying home from AZ tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to stop by in time. I'm convincing the lady that I need a pair right now!
  14. Left Field Jeans

    Has anyone copped any of LF's hemp tees? These are the first ones I've ever had the chance of trying and they're waaay softer than I expected them to be. Love the textures, too. Here's a shot someone took of me while I'm in AZ for the week: