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  1. WTS:

    Veilance Monitor SFT in Odessa Green Size M from FW13 (IIRC)

    The goretex sft has a very nice hand - much closer to fabric than regular goretex pro, but still fully waterproof. Also has a nice microfleece lining.

    Looking for $350 $300 $250 + pp 4%

    Only flaws are some cosmetic waffling on the hand pocket flaps and a small tear / seam separation where the rear fishtail comes together (it's been the same size for years)

    pics on request


  2. 12 hours ago, Kamikaze said:

    Does anyone have any feedback on the J46fo? Seems to be chilling on the main site and I wanted a long coat for a while. 

    The copy about the durability of the face fabric doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Especially considering it's literally 2x the price of the 2015 J46s. (yeah I admit I'm jealous of that hood)

  3. @CARLOOA not sure if I'm just unlucky, or a particularly aggressive walker, or maybe it's my big booty. I spend most of my time sitting in the library, so I'm not doing anything too extreme. Though I do think the durability has gotten a bit better in later seasons. For whatever reason I've never had any issues with my apparat shorts either. (And, at the end of the day, everything that's failed has been replaced - so I can't really complain)

  4. Just got my first pair of chinese-made apparats, and the initial impression is... not good.

    They feel noticeably cheaper, the fabric is unpleasantly rough and the zippers on the cargo pockets are extremely difficult to open and close. Who knows, maybe they will last longer, but not off to a great start.

    Slightly less irritated edit: above concerns aside, construction seems fine. I don't think I've ever had a pair of apparats last longer than 6 months, so I can't pretend this is a new issue. If these don't fall apart I'll consider them an improvement.

  5. I have what I believe is an old style Veilance Operand shirt for sale in M. Bought it from grailed but its a bit too small for me. Looking to get $100 + $10 for shipping to conus (will use ups) + paypal 4% = $114.40

    grailed link here:https://www.grailed.com/listings/4328078-Arc-Teryx-Veilance-Arcteryx-Veilance-Button-Up-Shirt

    Sorry the pics are so bad, they were taken by the original seller - lmk if you are interested and I can take better ones.

    (also, if you know the model lmk)

  6. For those dealing with wear on epic or stotz garments, I would suggest tenacious tape by gear aid. My J46s was starting to develop some holes, and I am really pleased with the patching I did with the tenacious tape. The black fabric tape has a nice matte finish that blends really well with the stotz. Seems pretty sturdy too.

  7. There's no way to reverse it, but you can take advantage of Arcteryx's generous warranty. I basically only wear apparats (both shorts and pants) and when they start to wear out I send them back. So far I think I've gotten at least three or four pairs replaced over the years with no issues. Also helps to hang dry them rather than using a dryer. edit: this should work just as well with pants you bought used - I've never been asked to show a receipt or anything. Albeit for that pair there is a chance they will say that they reached the end of their "natural life" due to the uniform wear and apparent age, but it wouldn't hurt to try.

  8. I'm taking trademarks this semester and on a lark I looked up Acronym on the US trademark register. Apparently someone has registered both "Acronym" and "Acronym Shadow" as marks for alcoholic beverages. So, uh, who knows where to find tech ninja beer?

  9. Welp. Finally found a blazer lt for a nice sale price and it looks like usps has lost the parcel (been sitting at "accepted" for 10 days). Anyone ever had this happen and end up getting their stuff? I need hope.

  10. I wouldn't be surprised to see them restructure their business model again and start working with retailers. I'm not sure how I feel about them coming back, aside from the wonky design issues they did some interesting stuff for a while, but it was getting really bland the few seasons before they went dark.


  11. In my experience wash in works well for things that are made of pro shell. Spray on works better for stuff like nonstandard goretex (like on my monitor sft) and stotz. When I wash my J46s I hand wash, hang dry, spray on the dwr and then iron. I've used both grangers and nextec and both seem to work well.

  12. I don't know if it's because I was never into denim, but this whole "don't wash your clothes" thing is very strange to me. I don't own any stotz pants, but I've never had any issues washing my acr stuff. 

  13. 54 minutes ago, emenel said:

    Yeah, I've seen a few there too. But they're usually overpriced and there's no way to negotiate or have a conversation.

    There's one there now, but the guy's asking too much. No guarantees I still won't cave and buy it if it's there long enough. 

    Ha! The one that comes with the free gas mask? How could you turn that deal down.

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