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  1. What kinda watch is that
  2. My Black Maria contest pair is still kicking and still one of my favorite articles of clothing. I took some really quick pictures right after a wash a few days back and am just getting around to posting them. The crotch has been repaired a total of four times now? Biking has been really hard on it and its starting to become really difficult to keep up with repairs. The back pocket where I keep my wallet finally blew out but I did a little sashiko repair job on it that I like a lot. I think I might bite the bullet in a bit here and buy another pair while I send these off to IndigoProof, but I've been wearing a pair of Flat Heads and really enjoying them so I might hold off a bit longer. In other news I picked up one of Left Fields work shirts in the neppy Indigo x Indigo denim they did a few months ago. Its really, really beautiful. Probably the nicest piece of shirting I've ever handled.
  3. How do these guys compare to something from Reigning Champ? I'm definitely interested. The way they've faded is super cool. Also, those embroidered tee's LF put up today are calling my name.
  4. Yea when I picked these guys up the waist was about perfect, but they've stretched a decent amount over the past few days. If you plan on keeping a belt on its really not a big deal. Also, these sit really high up on the waist because of the rise so I really have to cinch my belt down an extra notch.
  5. Picked up a pair of the IHXSE22 633s from the Self Edge warehouse sale today! I'm stoked to finally get to give Iron Heart a go even though its still 90 degrees down here.
  6. Been wearing a pair of the selvedge indigo Bedford Cord miners just about every day recently. They're probably my most complemented pants already - they stand out just enough. This is actually my first pair of Left Field chinos but I gotta say these things are really impressive. Great details; the metal buttons and giant twill pocket bags are something else. The fabric is also so impressive. Just the right weight. A very dark blue indoors, but outside it pops to a lighter shade and you can even see a hint of red mixed in. The fit is a nice change of pace - its definitely fuller without looking baggy. I picked up a size 30, the smallest one Left Field makes, but I probably could've gone down even further were it an option. I think next round I'll be trying the Kerouac.
  7. How much do you guys suppose that Mister Freedom Workman shirt would shrink up in the shoulders? I have a sz40 Flat Head Western that works alright for me but is pretty snug.
  8. @Pizza, @Andrew Wouldn't have picked any differently myself - you guys deserved it!
  9. Alright guys - this is gonna be a long one. These jeans have been at the foot of my bed every morning for over a year now. They've gotten beat to shit right alongside me. They've seen both coasts - New York & Los Angeles. Three national parks. Two universities, three majors, two girlfriends, and three jobs. They're my all time favorite piece of clothing. Its been a year but I'm excited to see where they end up in a few more. I go through a ton of different phases with my fashion and I've been able to change up how I wear these guys to fit each. When I started the contest they were a much looser fit on me and I wore em with a pretty chunky cuff. I also had a really shitty cell phone camera & didn't know how to work SuperFuture (I still don't). In the next few months after that I bulked up a bit and transitioned to a higher (maybe too high) cuff. And now, a year in, I've been wearing them chopped off at the hem and I think I dig it. Anyways - this is the final update. Its a little difficult to see the contrast in some of the pics but its wild how gray these have gotten. The vertical fading is definitely my favorite part of this fabric. They way some areas of the jeans are still inky black is also a really cool feature. Basically all of the hardware on my pair has lost the black coating and are sitting at a really bad ass looking copper color. I guess that is all from me. I just want to say to all of the guys that participated - it was awesome getting to know you a bit and good luck! And to @Leftfield - thanks for hosting this contest & and for always making killer shit.
  10. @Andrew - Crazy how much that wash seemed to bring out the fades! You really trashed those cuffs. Awesome looking pair though.
  11. These guys have been sitting on my shelf looking sad since my last update but luckily I finally got to try my hand at darning yesterday evening. I sucked so my friend took over and did a really great job in my opinion. Here is a before and after: I also decided I wasn't a huge fan of the super high cuffs so I chopped the hem off right at the break. Its probably a divisive look but I'm a fan for now. Since I'm technically a little bit past one year now I really need to find the time to submit some final fade pictures. I'm just absolutely stacked with school and work recently. I picked up a second job at a local men's store in Austin - my first time in retail but I think I like it so far. Awesome fit pic @performedbeef - that's wallpaper worthy for sure. @andrew it looks like your fades are really starting to pop out recently! Cool mountain photography as well. How do you find so much time to go hiking / exploring around like that?
  12. Here's another quick cell phone pic update guys. The contest will be over for me in a few days here at the start of September - so bizzare to think that an entire year has gone by already. I'm going to try to take some nicer pictures for my final update so that I can go out with a bang, but my camera is currently with my pops a few cities over so that may not happen. Anyways - first day of this semester today. My classes don't seem to bad this round but I'm working a few days a week at 6am so I'm sure that will start taking its toll on me. Moved into a new apartment recently hence the tile flooring that makes my jeans look real short. Recently spent a few days camping up in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone so my jeans were filthy and the crotch blowout is gigantic. As it stands right now I kinda don't feel comfortable wearing them out. I might try to do some home repairs just to hold them over for a few more days... Pics: Indoor shots with funky lighting Some outdoor natural light shots: Here are some shots from last week in Wyoming: I think I was actually more impressed with my time in the Tetons than I was with Yellowstone. The whole vibe just felt much less touristy - although maybe I just didn't see the right things. @Andrew - those are some awesome close up shots. Jeans look really great. And those mountain photos are stellar. I saw a moose for the first time last week and it was pretty wild how massive it was. Pictures really don't convey that well.
  13. @Pizza - thanks my man, I really appreciate that. Your pair is looking great too! Those knees! I also feel the same way about the rise on Left Field's jeans. It used to be a measurement I never really paid much attention to but I just don't feel as comfortable in my other pairs nowadays. The Chelsea cut is definitely my favorite so far. What new pairs are you looking at? @Kbuzz - like Hobocho was saying, the tees do fit a little boxy and they are sized to be washed and dried first. Hes also right that they stretch out a bit but a wash brings them in nicely. I'm wearing a Left Field tee in Medium in my pictures above. I'm about 6ft and 170lbs. The neck hole is a little wider than some of the other tees I have from 3Sixteen, and the body is shorter. The sleeves don't hug my arm as tight either, so I usually roll em up once or twice. They can be a little billowy in the lower back because they are tubular, but I actually like that about them. Gives them a cool look and stands out subtlely. Quality wise all of mine are spot on. No loose stiches and they all wash and dry well. Had some for over a year and the collars and sleeves haven't warped at all. Although - I picked up a navy shirt a few months ago and it doesn't fit as well as my olives, blacks, or gray (which I recently stained and ruined). For some reason it seems to have shrunk a bit too much or something and I hardly ever wear it now.
  14. After 3 months of saying I would do it I finally got the chance to take some decent fit pictures a few days ago. Since we're rapidly closing in on 12 months I figured I'd just make this post a big one. Since my last post these guys have seen one more wash - although this time in a machine on hot. This caused the jeans to tighten up a bit and shrink in length a little. It honestly brought them up maybe a touch too high for my preference but its not a big deal at all. Looking back to my fit pictures at the beginning of the contest its weird to see how much better the jeans fit me now - maybe I bulked up a bit. The repairs Left Field did are holding up quite well but my crotch has blown out again (in a different place) and I'm starting to get holes showing up where I keep my knife and actually in the whiskers on the top block. Anyways, in all of these pictures I'm wearing a Left Field tee and Iron Rangers. Still wish I had a little more definition in the combs like some of you guys managed. Oh well, maybe when I graduate to an 18oz pair in a few months! I really like that the selvedge line ended up fading through. Pretending to tie my boot in this one. You can sort of see how the cuff is beginning to tear in this picture. Also a pair of CHUP x 3Sixteen socks. Anyways, @Andrew, @Pizza - I'm jealous of your guys' locations recently. Beautiful stuff.
  15. Its wild to think that we're closing in on a year! Everyone's pairs are looking great. Some of the best black on black fades I've seen from any pair. @Bruce sweet bike man! I really like that western you have on too. @Pizza @Andrew - Looking really good. My pair is starting to look pretty thrashed and a lot of character is coming out. I'm loving the way they're going but I think I'll definitely be taking advantage of the contest discount to pick up another pair in a few months, especially since its looking like another crotch blowout is inevitable. These pictures show the repairs that Left Field did on the back pockets a few months back which have become one of my favorite details. I also really like the whiskers on this pair - the way the fabric around the whiskers is still almost pitch black provides some really cool contrast. I also love how the black on the buttons is chipping away. They are mostly copper colored now. In late August my buddies and I are planning to road trip out to California, and since I'm submitting my final pics a month or so early I think that will be a good send off for this contest. Until then I'll continue braving through the 100 degree Texas heat in these guys. I also recently picked up a job @ an outdoor coffee shop so I've been moving around in them / sweating in them pretty much daily. I'll be washing them sometime this week - the 4th wash. After that I'll try to finally get some fit shots. (the pen that busted in my pocket 6 months ago is starting to become more noticeable) Just realized these are only pictures of the top block. I promise I haven't turned these into jorts.